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Why Shopify Stores Must Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Their Website?

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Brands today are continuously looking for ways in which they can upscale their sales performance on Shopify, generate greater traffic, user engagement, enhance brand awareness and improve their social standing. One impressive way is to integrate the Shopify website with Shoppable Instagram Feed. 

Ever since its time of coming into existence, Shopify has become one of the leading platforms and brands are using it in multiple ways to improvise their business’s functionality. Introducing an Instagram shop on your Shopify stores is an impactful way to achieve that. 

To know and understand why you should be doing so, keep reading. 

Shoppable Instagram Shopify-What Is It?

Integrating Shopify’s website with Shoppable Instagram can provide an exciting and impactful solution for brands conducting social commerce. As it can help brands to sell on both the platforms; Shopify & Instagram. 

Simply put, Instagram Shop Shopify is an amalgamation of shoppable Instagram feed on the Shopify website. This helps in amplifying the reach of the brand and make more people become aware of the existence of the brand. 

Brands can also tag products to Shopify’s Instagram feed to provide users with a seamless user experience and make them want to come back to them or get inspired more at the time of purchases. 

  1. Visuals Attract The Attention Of The Audience Better 

Instagram is the center of attractive and compelling visuals that can potentially grab the attention of the audience and amplifies the engagement of the user with the brand. 

By utilizing these images in a captivating way, brands can greatly influence the purchase decision of users. Also, you can use these influencer marketing Strategies for your business.

Visuals are not just inspiring but also generate a call to action for products effortlessly, which helps brands generate massive user engagement.

  1. Build brand trust and customer loyalty 

User-generated content acts as an advocate for the brand as it authentically markets the brand by word-of-mouth marketing. It showcases the social proof of the quality provided by the brand. 

Social proof is created when the existing users of the brand talk about their experience of the products and services offered by the brand. 

By adding tags to UGC and displaying it on the Shopify website, brands can effectively gain the trust of the website visitors and build a seamless relationship with them. 

  1. Streamlined Purchase Journey

Adding tags to the products and including ‘Shop Now’ CTA can make it easy for visitors to fetch the details of the product like its price and other specifications. 

This makes it easy for the Shopify website visitors to purchase the product conveniently without having to also leave the website. 

Moreover given the fact that the users’ span of attention has dropped down tremendously, which makes it even essential for brands to have a curtailed path to purchase as it would reduce the chances of cart abandonment and boost revenue. 

  1. Increased Conversion And Sales 

Shopify websites having Shoppable Instagram Feeds integrated into them, can align their social and professional audience together, thus increasing their reach potentially. 

This helps the brand spread the word, generate more leads which improves the performance of the brand and positively impact its growth and sales.

  1. Two-Way Growth

By adding Shoppable Instagram to Shopify stores, brands can generate greater traffic, increase the dwell time of the website visitors. 

Moreover, adding a link of the Shopify store to the brand’s Instagram handle can redirect Instagram followers, and by displaying shoppable Instagram posts on Shopify can redirect the website visitors to Instagram, thus facilitating a two-way growth. 

  1. Better Reach 

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users. Leveraging the exponential growth opportunities that the platform offers can be the best bet for businesses conducting via Shopify stores. 

Adding a link in your bio will redirect your Instagram audience to your Shopify storefront, where they will come across product pictures showcasing visuals of the content generated by the existing users. This will help them better trust the brand and also share it with their friends and family.

This acts as a word-of-mouth way of marketing and further exposes the brand to a new demographic of audiences, which helps the Shopify brands to generate more conversions and revenue. 

Over To You

Give your fans complete exposure to your products by displaying them in a unique and captivating manner. Adding a Shoppable Instagram Shopify Feed to your store will allow them to easily access the products, get detailed information about them, get influenced while making their purchase decisions. 

It is a great marketing tactic to gather the audience’s trust and convince them to come back to you time. But, in order to maintain the authenticity of the content, do not forget to takes rights from the creators before using their created content. 

Lastly, in the long run, the integration of Shoppable Instagram and Shopify will benefit your brand as it will help you stand out and enhance your marketing efforts like never before.