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Why Opt for Double Glazed Windows?

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Double glazed windows are gaining popularity among homeowners for their efficiency and other benefits. These windows have come to become a value for money as they pose some serious advantages over other popular window designs. Although the double-glazed windows have become a familiar name in the construction market, however, for some it can be an incognizant mention. So, let’s first understand what is a double-glazed window.

What is a double-glazed window?

Double Glazing in Belfast is quite common for windows, but if you are wondering what is so different about it then read further. A double-glazed window is also known as an insulated window, where two glass panes are incorporated within a single window system. The two glass panes are divided by a spacer and a layer of air or gas. This insulated glass pane is fitted in the window frames thus making for a double-glazed window. 

When shopping for a double-glazed glass pane, it is important to consider the space between the panes, which should be ideally between 6mm to 20mm. And for better optimal thermal performance, a minimum space of 12mm between the panes is advisable. Since the space between the panes is sealed, it is effective in offering insulation by limiting the transfer of cold air into the home. However, for acoustic and thermal execution, gas is filled in the space between the panes. Argon is the most commonly used gas in between the glass panes, for its low conductivity property. 

Advantages of installing double-glazed window:

  • Double-glazed windows were introduced to offer better insulation, and they are effective in increasing the insulation capacity to around 40%. With the gas-sealed unit and the use of various tints, these windows are instrumental in providing insulation and preventing contact between outdoor and indoor air. The increased insulating property of the double-glazed window is effective in cutting the heat exchange by a minimum of 50%. And so, in winters the indoor air remains warmer and in summer the outdoor warm air cannot affect the indoor temperature.
  • With the effective insulating property, these windows help in maintaining the energy bills. Since the double-glazed windows prevent the loss of coolness in summer and warmth in winter, the central cooling and heating systems have to work less yet maintain the temperature efficiently. This helps in cutting down the energy bills and saving on expenses.
  • While looking from a security perspective, these windows offer extra security as the panes have internal beading for added security. Additionally, using double-glazed Upvc Windows in Northern Ireland can deter force entrance or breakthrough.
  • Urban housings usually face the irritating problem of noise pollution, however, incorporating double-glazed windows can help with that as they are effective in filtering external noise. These windows can help to make the indoor atmosphere quieter and offer 80% greater noise reduction than conventional windows. This is a good enough reason to opt for these windows for homes and offices. 
  • The double-glazed windows are also widely accepted by builders as the incorporation of these windows helps in boosting the property value. These windows offer better security and energy efficiency, and so make for a good addition to the property.
  • During winters, when the windows remain cooler than the air inside, small water droplets are formed on the glass surface due to condensation. Although it may not seem like a serious issue, this moisture triggers the formation of moulds or mildews that bring along health issues. The use of double-glazed glass is proven to have lesser to no condensation, thus making it a hygienic and healthier option.
  • Right now, the planet is facing some serious degrading issues for the decades-long development activities of humans. It is time that people start considering eco-friendly options seriously to prevent further damage to the environment. As already mentioned, double-glazed windows are energy efficient, so it could be rightly assumed that it is an eco-friendly alternative for window glasses. 
  • Double Glazing in Belfast reduces the UV radiation that enters the house. This helps in lesser damage to the interior belongings. Using the double-glazed windows will ensure that the interior decor and furniture are less exposed to UV radiation or the outdoor temperature fluctuation, and so are less prone to damage.
  • There is a misconception among people that cleaning and maintenance of double–glazed windows is a strenuous activity.  However, in contrast, these windows are easy to maintain and clean, the glass panes being sealed keep humidity and dust away. Moreover, with the use of uPVC material, it can be ensured that there is no worry of rust or corrosion.

In addition to these functional benefits, double-glazed windows are aesthetically valuable and add beauty to the interior. They can be used to upgrade the conventional windows without compromising the style and decor of the interior. 

Final Word

There are immense benefits to installing double-glazed windows at homes or offices. Double glazed glass panes with Upvc Windows in Northern Ireland offer greater value in terms of security, insulation, noise reduction, and aesthetic appeal. Of late, double-glazed glasses can be used with most architectural profiles without exasperating the original look.