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Why Hamsters Eat Their Babies

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Hamsters are very playful animals. They love to play, explore and run around. However, there is also a dark side to them. If they aren’t careful, they can accidentally kill their own offspring.

This happens because the male hamster cannot differentiate between its female and her young. The mother often takes over the role of father for a while after giving birth to the next litter. This means that she will take care of the baby hamsters until they can fend for themselves.

There is a problem though. Sometimes the mothers won’t leave the newborns alone for long. She might move them to another cage, but then forget to put them back. As soon as the babies are left on their own, they begin eating each other. In fact, most of these deaths happen within the first week.

The best thing you can do to avoid this happening in your house is to make sure that all your hamsters are kept together. Then, you need to ensure that you are watching your pets closely.

Why Hamsters Eat Their Babies

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