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What is a recruitment agency, and how does it help you?

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Bangalore is a city of opportunity. The city has been known for its startups and the influx of young adults looking for a chance to make their mark on the world.

But many people don’t realize that these young people aren’t just flocking to Bangalore for their startup dreams. They’re also coming to the city because there are so few opportunities for them at home. A staggering 35% of the city’s population is made up of young people looking for work. 

In this competitive situation, recruitment agencies in Bangalore do a great job of connecting the right candidate to the right company being beneficial to both. So, what are recruitment agencies? What do they do? Read more to get the answers.

Placement consultants in Bangalore are the key to successful hiring. They collaborate closely with employers and job seekers to ensure that the best candidates are matched with appropriate job openings. Recruitment specialists streamline the hiring process for the business, screen applicants, and only provide job candidates to the business that satisfy all fundamental selection requirements.

The recruitment agent’s role is critical to ensuring that the company and the job seeker get what they want from the hiring process. The recruitment agent conducts an initial screening process of all applicants, including reference and background checks. They also manage communications between employer and applicant throughout the interview process.

Many ways recruiting agents can help:

  • They know about all kinds of jobs, even ones that aren’t listed on websites like Monster or LinkedIn.
  • They know what skills employers want from candidates, what questions the interviewers will ask, and how to answer them.
  • They can connect you with other people at their company who might have some influence over whether or not you get hired, like hiring managers.
  • They know how to write resumes highlighting your strengths and hiding your weaknesses.

How do they work?

Recruiting agencies negotiate agreements with businesses and manage most of their hiring procedures. Recruiting agents work for companies that need to hire new employees. 

These companies, often referred to as “hiring managers,” typically have a specific job opening they want to be filled. They will send their job description or requirements to a recruiting agent, who then begins the process of finding a potential employee who fits the bill.

The first step is usually to create an account on a recruiting platform that allows companies and agents to search for each other based on their needs and desired location. 

Once an account is created, the hiring manager can post their job description and requirements directly in the system and wait for responses from potential candidates. Recruiting agents can also post their own profiles so that hiring managers can search for them based on skill set or location preference. 

Once a match has been made between an agent and hiring manager, the next in the process is for both parties to agree on terms and conditions of employment. This includes salary expectations and any other perks that may be included, such as healthcare benefits or vacation time requirements that would be offered to someone hired under this arrangement. Once both parties have agreed upon these details, they are then entered into an agreement that outlines everything from the start date through the termination date, if applicable. 


Recruitment agencies in Bangalore are consulting entities providing a platform for corporates and businesses to connect with job seekers to help them find a suitable match for their company. They effectively connect the right company to the right candidates that benefit them both.