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What benefits does exfoliation have for the skin?

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Exfoliation is a common skin treatment that involves removing the top layer of dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin can help remove built-up dirt and oil from pores, and it also allows new healthy cells to emerge on the surface. The result is a clearer and more radiant complexion—but there are other benefits as well! In this post, Voibon Skincare will help you to explore the reasons why exfoliating your skin is so beneficial.

Getting rid of dead skin helps the skin look brighter, smoother, and more even.

Exfoliation can help the skin look brighter, smoother, and more even. Dead skin cells can clog pores and make acne worse. Exfoliation can also help reduce scars from acne, which in turn makes your complexion look better. And that’s not all that exfoliating does: it also helps with wrinkles! The more you exfoliate your face (and body), the less fine lines and wrinkles you’ll have to worry about.

Clears dead skin.

We all are well aware that dead skin is our enemy as it overshadows our inner skin’s glow. The dead cells form a layer on the face and the cells beneath are unable to get air. Thus the dead debris accumulates making you look old and unattractive. In this case, exfoliation does wonders!

Exfoliation can help clear away dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause acne. When you deep exfoliate, you will be removing the top layer of your skin, which means that you are getting rid of all those dead cells.

Brightens complexion.

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover. This can have a brightening effect on the complexion, making you look younger.

It is recommended to exfoliate your skin at least once a week because it helps remove dirt that has accumulated on the surface of your skin during the week. Exfoliation also allows for better penetration of serums/moisturizers into deeper layers of your skin and also causes blood flow to increase in those areas which results in an even toned complexion and increased collagen production!

Helps reveal smoother skin by melting off dry, dead cells.

Exfoliation is a great way to reveal smoother skin by melting off dry, dead cells. Dead skin sits on the surface of your skin and acts as a barrier between your healthy skin and the world.

This can clog pores and make your complexion look dull, but exfoliation helps you remove these dead cells so they don’t get trapped in the pore. It also helps give you brighter-looking skin due to its ability to help even out blotchy or uneven patches in your complexion caused by sun damage or stress (we all have them!).

Unclogs pores.

We are habitual of using makeup products almost daily on our skin. This is due to the rigorous partying habit that we all have. Makeup may help you look good but it does not do any good to your skin. It clogs your pores which cause accumulation of oil and sebum in them. This further results in acne. 

Exfoliation helps unclog pores and clear away dead skin cells that can build up in your skin. This can help reduce the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples by preventing them from forming. Exfoliation also prevents acne scars from forming because it keeps the area around your pores clean and healthy.

Helps reduce acne scars and scarring.

Acne scars are more common than you may think. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, as many as 50 million people in the U.S. have acne scars, which can be caused by deep cysts and inflamed pimples.

While there is no way to completely remove acne scars, exfoliation can help reduce their appearance by removing dead skin cells that clog pores and cause acne outbreaks in the first place. The process of exfoliation can also help reduce scarring from various types of wounds (cuts, scrapes) or surgery sites by removing dead skin cells that could otherwise create a darker pigmentation in the area around them – whether it’s noticeable or not!


Exfoliation is well known amongst all of us and we can not do the good it does to our skin. We all know that excess of everything is bad. In this case, it all depends upon how carefully you treat your skin and take care of it. Over exfoliation is bad and can cause harm rather than benefit. However, we all are rational enough in taking care of it so, it is not possible to ignore the care.

Now you know the benefits of exfoliation, so it’s time to get started! Just remember that it’s not something you should do too often. Your skin will thank you for taking care of it in this way.