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Ultimate car accessories to Improve your car.

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In today’s world, a great car ride becomes necessary to at least travel without stress and make it more enjoyable, here are some car accessories you should consider buying in 2022,,

1)Back Support Lumbar

A lumbar support pillow is a pillow that goes between a person’s lower back and the bed of the seat, it provides comfort to the lower back of a person sitting on the seat.

It can reduce lower back pain caused by long car rides.

2)A Phone Holder

It’s too dangerous to drive and hold the phone to look at the GPS, A phone holder allows you to use both your hands on the steering wheel while looking at GPS navigation.

It can be used with any phone just adjust the angle and you are ready to go.

3)Steering Cover

Long hours of driving can make your palms all sweaty and slippery which can lead to mishappenings on roads that’s why car steering covers are so popular because they absorb the excess sweat and oils from your palms and avoid slipping off the steering wheel.

4)Magnetic sunshades

A magnetic sunshade can protect your eyes from harmful and bright sunlight, and also keeps your car cool despite the scorching sun rays coming through the glass. they can be stick to the panels of your windows.

5)Mini collapsing Trash can

Collapsing trash can that fits inside anywhere inside your car from getting dirty.

It can be put inside the cup holder of your car. Being with kids or if you are a big food junky it can be a boon for you. Just put some small linen or plastic ziplock bag inside the trash can and empty it outside your car whenever and wherever you want to.

6)Back seat organizer

They work as a utility belt does for Batman, It can be a game changer, it comes with large pockets that can be used to securely hold tablets, cups, phones, tickets or anything that you will need to carry for your wonderful car journey.

7)Car  mobile charger

Car mobile chargers have become quite important if your job requires traveling,

It’s very important to keep a car charger handy as it charges your mobile’s battery anytime and anywhere, after all, mobile is the device you will use to consume media,  send important emails or documents, make or receive calls and receive any more important tasks.

8)A blind spot mirror

A Blind spot mirror system makes your journey safer especially long drives.

A car blind sport mirror works to spot cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc coming from the back and even alerts you when something goes or is about to go wrong.

cars with blind spot mirrors are for sure a lot safer than cars without blind spot mirrors.

9)Seat Cushion

It becomes so important while driving in winters it makes the ride less painful and even keeps your body warm and reduces stiffness.

It comes with many settings by which you can select the preferred amount of heat you want.