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Types Of Hair Removal Techniques & Effects

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Are you ashamed of excess hair on your hands, legs, chest, armpits, back, groin and even your fingers & toes? Hair is everywhere and will be since they are meant to grow, in order to protect us from insect bites etc. However, if you still want to look for hair removal methods, that’s what we are for. We bring you all the different types of hair removal techniques, both temporary and permanent hair removal methods and their effects. 

Temporary Hair Removal Techniques

Let’s first discuss the different types of temporary hair removal methods available in the market. They are mostly quick and very affordable and you have to get them redone by a week or two depending on your hair growth. The various temporary hair removal methods are:


Each one of you must be familiar with the shaving method. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient hair removal methods. But if done recklessly, you can bleed and it won’t definitely feel good. Just get the razor and glide over damp moisturized skin, in the direction of hair growth. Clean off the excess and moisturize.


It’s the process which includes removing hair from near skin level. Chemical depilation and waxing fall under this category.


Epilation involves removing hair from the bottom of the follicle by breaking contact between the Bulls and the papilla.


Tweezers are used for thick hair like eyebrows and for less hair. It’s like a clip which picks the hair and one has to use little force at an angle, to remove the unwanted hair from the roots.

Electronic tweezers

A machine which pulls the hair out through suction. Just put the electronic tweezers atop unwanted hair and you will feel the pulling suction. However, this methods only work for less hair and might give you a bruise, if done recklessly.

Threading or banding

Threading is generally used for facial hair since waxing and other methods can make the facial skin sensitive. A thread is twisted and pulled in a way that it picks the unwanted hair and removes them from the roots. 


It’s a natural hair removal method similar to waxing. But despite going in the opposite direction, sugar paste is applied in the hair direction. Sugaring can be done at the ease of your home at a bare minimum cost. 

How to do sugaring

  • Take a sugar ball and move with three fingers until cooled
  • Once cooled drag the ball in the hair direction 
  • Pull the sugar layer using your thumb in the opposite direction of hair growth.


The hot wax is applied to your skin top. Then the waxing strip is put on the wax and pulled opposite to the hair direction. The ingrown hairs are also pulled out, giving you silky smooth skin.

Benefits of temporary hair removal

  • Easy and convenient
  • Cheaper than permanent methods
  • Give silky smooth skin instantly

Permanent Hair Removal Techniques


It involves using shortwave radio frequencies placed directly on hair follicles through fine needles. The intention of this process is to destroy hair follicles completely.

Laser hair removal

High-heat lasers are focused on hair follicles to destroy hair growth completely. Similar to electrolysis, it’s a long-term process and needs multiple sitting depending on the hair growth of a person.

Prescription creams

Prescription creams like Vaniqa are applied twice a day, for a month on a doctor’s prescription. These creams inhibit the production of enzymes that promote hair growth. It’s mostly suited for facial hair.

Chemical depilation

They are over-the-counter creams that weaken the hair protein Keratin when applied, which results in falling out of hair and wiping away excess for smooth skin.

Benefits of permanent hair removal

  • You will not have to worry about future hair growth
  • No more parlour appointments
  • They are less painful than regular methods.
  • They are long-term solutions

Final Note!

All the skin-care and grooming methods have some side effects, especially on sensitive skin, including hair removal techniques. If you want to go further and try the above-discussed hair removal techniques, we suggest you do a patch test at least 48 hours before the whole procedure.