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Toxic Free Yoga Mat

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Despite the relatively recent invention of the Toxic Free Yoga Mat, the modern postural yoga movement as we know it today started to develop in the 20th century. Since yoga has gotten more dynamic, mats have taken the place of the plain rug, which was the traditional yogis’ favored piece of equipment. When performed on a Toxic Free Yoga Mat, all poses are more comfortable. They are simple to clean, provide good grip, safeguard your body from injury, and are transportable, more click here.

The bad thing  is that the majority of the  s are composed of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, one of the most environmentally toxic polymers to have entered our water supply, our air, and our food chain.

Thank goodness, ecologically friendlier, more ethically made materials are replacing PVC mats. Some of the materials utilized to create more ecologically friendly mats include cork, natural rubber, jute, recycled PET bottles, and even repurposed wetsuits. They are not just eco-friendly but also stylish. So you may smile and create a happy posture without feeling guilty.

The best eco-friendly yoga mats are listed below.

Best overall Toxic Free Yoga Mat: Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat 5. eKO Manduka Lite

Because of Manduka

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The Manduka Eko Lite mat, which is made of natural rubber that isn’t produced from Amazonian forests and is grippy, supportive, and long-lasting, is the mat we suggest most highly. The creation of this wonderfully textured mat, which is 99 percent free of PVC, chemicals, trash, and latex, took four years. Eko Lite is a flexible sealed-cell mat that just doesn’t absorb wet.

Regardless of whether you are doing vinyasa or hot yoga, you smoothly move between poses without slipping. It is 71 inches long, 0.15 inches thick, and five pounds in weight. It also has lovely solid and marbled hues.

In addition, Manduka donates 1% of their global revenues via project:OM to promote community empowerment. LiveOn, a big mat recycling initiative, is another feature. Any used Toxic Free Yoga Mat, regardless of brand, may be recycled by mailing it in for $10.

Best Non-Slip Toxic Free Yoga Mat: Jade Yoga Harmony

The Harmony Mat’s strong traction eases the difficulty of difficult postures. These are the preferred yoga mats of Jade and are great for both yoga and pilates. These natural rubber mats are 0.2 inches thick, 99 percent latex-free, and offered in two widths and two lengths (68 and 74 inches) (24 inches and 28 inches).

They are strong and available in more than a dozen exquisite colors to liven up your practice, including Raspberry,  and Midnight Blue. The company has partnered with Trees for the Future to donate one tree for each Jade mat sold as part of its dedication to the environment. More than a million trees have already been planted as a result of this partnership.

The Best Extra Thick Recycled Wetsuit Toxic Free Yoga Mat is SugaMat.

The slightly charcoal-colored, 0.2-inch thick SugaMats weigh little about 5 pounds and are the ideal thickness without being too heavy. While yet being flexible enough to maneuver into postures without tripping, the thickness offers stability. After much research and development, the company created these high-density mats that can support difficult poses like the side crow and parshva bakasana.

One wetsuit is typically needed to produce one Toxic Free Yoga Mat, therefore the company will offer you a 10 percent discount if you contribute one. We like that the mats are completely recyclable. After buying one, you will also get lifetime maintenance. The company will give you a brand-new SugaMat for free when you participate in their Cradle-to-Grave recycling program.

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