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Top reasons to buy an electric head shaver

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Proper grooming is the key to looking good and presentable for all. Not just those with hair, people with a bald hairstyle also need to maintain a regular grooming routine. A lot of people presume that those with a shaved head require no upkeep or haircare maintenance as such. In reality, this is not true. Although with a shaved head, one can save a lot of time, money, and effort, it requires basic care and grooming. With the hairs gone, the scalp region is exposed, which can damage its quality and make it itchy. Hence, following a standard grooming regime that involves using a good quality head shaver, exfoliation & nourishment of the scalp, etc. should be a top priority. 

Care necessities for a shaved head 

Bald hairstyles have been a forever classic with more and more people opting for a bald hairstyle lately. Not just ease and practicality, a shaved head is also considered a trending fashion that makes a man appear more dominant and appealing. Male pattern baldness has emerged to be a serious concern for middle-aged men and there’s no viable way to stop the hair loss intensity. One can find plenty of haircare products aimed at stopping hair loss and promoting growth, but none seems to deliver 100% efficacy. Increased realization about this has prompted people to switch to a shaved head that makes them appear more confident and presentable to people around. 

A shaved head is not just about taking the plunge and shaving the head once. Once you’ve decided to sport the bold bald look, regular care and maintenance are necessary. Right from picking the best head shaver for men to using quality scalp care products, you can’t afford to miss the basics. Depending on your hair growth and personal preferences, you can choose to head shave once every two-three days or even twice a day. While deciding on how frequently you shave is a personal choice, there shouldn’t be any compromise with the shaving regime. A lot of people tend to overlook the pre-shave and post-shave care and end up with a rough and irritable bald head. To ensure basic care and upkeep of a shaved head, the following are some essential care necessities: 

  • Using a good quality head shaver for men 
  • Regular exfoliation to keep the scalp free of dirt and accumulated debris 
  • Applying pre-shave and aftershave lotion to ensure a smooth surface 

Essentiality of an electric head shaver 

Picking the ideal shaving tool is a real struggle for all bald head people. Without a proper tool, one cannot expect to have a smooth shaved head. While manual razors were widely used over the years, modern electric head shavers have come as an alternative to ease the head shaving process. An electric head shaver is developed with smooth shave technology that ensures a quick and close shave effortlessly.

The multiple advanced features of these head shavers have made them fit for self-use and facilitate easy head shaving. Unlike manual razors, one doesn’t have to stick to wet shaving using foam and being around the washroom. An electric head shaver is portable and can be used anywhere without requiring much pre-preparations. Some of the top reasons to buy an electric head shaver are discussed as follows: 

  • Comfortability: One of the key benefits of using an eclectic head shaver is the great comfort it offers in terms of usability and results. The double-layered razor blades run across the scalp area smoothly without any extra effort or force applied. Also, these razors are extremely lightweight and easy to use which makes them fit for all. One doesn’t need to know or possess some extra skills to be able to use such head shavers. 
  • Quick & Effortless: Not everyone can afford to spare 30 minutes on their head shaving regime every day. Most of the people heading to work in the morning are in hurry and need a quick head shave. For them, preparing the foam base thereafter carefully gliding the manual razor across the head might not be possible. Using an electric head shaver instead can relieve them of such unnecessary preps while ensuring a quick and effortless shave. 
  • Versatility: Another key advantage of electric head shavers that makes them a valuable purchase is versatility. Such modern head shavers facilitate both wet and dry shaves that can be used alternatively at the user’s convenience. Most of these head shavers come with travel lock features that make the shaver portable and easily carriable. Also, such head shavers come with rechargeable batteries that can be used even in absence of electric power. 

Bottom Line 

The practicality and benefits of using an electric head shaver are in abundance. Since head shaving requires additional care and attentiveness to avoid cuts and burns, it is important to pick the right head shaving tool. Modern head shavers have come as an upgrade to manual razors that offers a smooth shave across the scalp and contour regions without bruising the surface. They last longer than the traditional head razors and ensure a close shave every time.