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Top 5 Video Animation Studios That Will Make Your Business a Hit!

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It can be difficult to choose a reliable video animation studio to handle your next project. Even the most seasoned marketer can have a little bit of a headache trying to identify the ones with the experience and talent to fulfill their objectives, despite the fact that a fast Google search will turn up plenty of prospective options. In the end, you’ll need a video that gets people to pay attention, and unfortunately, those don’t just appear.

To aid you in your search for short animated videos for business, we have compiled a list of some of the greatest animation studios in the area, all of which are ready and able to help you bring your brilliant marketing video concept to life.

Okay, so let’s begin!

Finding the Best Video Animation Studio

Numerous companies’ recent shift toward video advertising is warranted for many reasons. That implies there is a plethora of brands vying for consumers’ attention. People, meanwhile, are increasingly unable to maintain attention on a single task for more than a few seconds.

All this means that if you want your company to stand out, you need to provide videos that are innovative, motivating, entertaining, or breathtaking. These components necessitate the services of a professional animation studio.

What are some ways to track down organizations like that? Here are five things to keep in mind when you weigh your options for the position:

  • Make sure the company’s portfolio and prior works are to your satisfaction and that the quality of their movies meets your standards before hiring them.
  • When communicating with the company, pay close attention to their accessibility, demeanor, and the caliber of their responses. Effective dialogue is mandatory.
  • Make sure that every movie produced by the animation studio feels special and tailored to the needs of each individual client.
  • Read up on the reviews online and see what other consumers have to say about it. You may learn a lot about what it’s like to work for the company from reading these comments.
  • You won’t get a business animation that will blow your mind if you go with a cheap service, but neither will you get a great one if you pay a fortune. Look for animation studios that offer services at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality.

The 5 Best Video Animation Studios to Grow Your Business

Now that we’ve established what to look for in a service provider and how to evaluate them let’s meet 5 of the best video animation studios out there.

Demo Duck

The script is the most important part of making a cartoon. The folks at Demo Duck are well aware of this fact, as are we and the industry’s leading animation studios.

Demo Duck is a leading 2D animation studio that also employs other production methods like motion graphics and 2D animation. Additionally, they make stop-motion videos that rival those of Disney or Dreamworks. Congratulations to them!


From instructional videos to social media content to commercials to short animated videos for business to video presentations to television series, this company does it all. Their specialty is making “VX,” short for “Viewer Experiences,” for companies who prefer to change things up in the market.

Thinkmojo has produced aesthetically pleasing video experiences for companies including Slack, ZenDesk, and Google Fiber. There was no way we could leave Thinkmojo off this list of the best animation studios.


Italian video production house Nerdo has overseas offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

As one of the world’s top 15 animation studios, they are renowned for its ability to produce high-quality animated videos for corporations while paying meticulous attention to detail. Look at this sample of their work to get a sense of their abilities.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Vidico is among the best animation studios available today.

The company provides a wide variety of video production services, including live action, 2D animation, and motion graphics. They offer a wide range of video services, from the more commonplace explainer videos to more niche varieties like crowdfunding videos.

Switch Video 

Switch Video is an animation studio that works with organizations of all stripes, from NGOs to tech startups to public sector agencies, to produce short, humorous animation videos. They think that with a well-produced video, even the most complex ideas can be simply explained.

Overall, they create animations for businesses using whiteboards, images, and motion.

The company’s commitment to realistic deadlines, open communication with the customer at every stage of the process, and thorough task completion—so their clients never have to ask twice—are the bedrock of their success as a top animation studio.

Selecting the Best Video Animation Studio!

Finding a reliable video animation studio might be challenging. Once you know what you’re after, though, things start to look up.

You’ll have a clearer idea of what to look for after you begin investigating the company’s work, experience, track record, and the other factors we’ve discussed thus far. The following list is meant to simplify your life and save you time and energy.