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Top 5 facts about current Dubai property market

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People have always been attracted by Dubai’s skyscrapers, which include some of the world’s tallest structures. Some of these buildings are among the most popular tourist destinations on earth, and everyone who sees them is always in awe of their beauty. Although these structures are spectacular, most people are unaware of a number of little-known details about Dubai’s real estate sector. Let’s take a closer look at some of these prominent facts before making an investment in the Dubai real estate market

Numerous Investment Opportunities

The population of the city must first be consider in order to comprehend the Dubai real estate market. By 2030, Dubai’s population, which is currently 2.9 million, is project to reach 5 million. This creates a sizable market for the development of the real estate, whether it is for residential dwellings, offices, or even retail properties. Dubai has one of the greatest rates of population increase worldwide, and this trend is anticipate to continue. It’s also vital to keep in mind that around 70% of Dubai’s population consists of expatriates, making it a fantastic market for foreign investors.

Furthermore, according to a recent real estate survey by Reuters, residential property prices in Dubai are anticipated to increase by 5% in 2022, more than doubling the 2.5% growth predicted three months earlier. Real estate values are expect to rise by 3% in 2023. Asteco predicts a 7-9% increase in rental rates for homes and businesses during this time. In Q1 2022, prices for premium residences in the UAE would also rise 9–14%. New residents will be drawn to the UAE by the high standard of living and recent changes to visa requirements. This serves as a motivating incentive for investors and expatriates to invest in the real estate market in Dubai.

Smart, Safe & Secure 

Dubai is an excellent place to invest for another reason: it’s very safe there. Due to its reputation as a secure, serene, and family-friendly city, Dubai is actually one of the safest places on earth. According to its low crime record, the city is likewise relatively secure. This, therefore, helps you stay motivated to work hard and grow your business because you feel safe and secure with your investments and earnings. As a result, if you want to make a lot of dividends and profits, you should consider investing in Dubai real estate.

Furthermore, there has been a strong emphasis on infrastructural development, with many developments including both business and residential spaces near one another. We can therefore anticipate that new technological advancements will continue to have a significant influence on the Dubai property market as they enable the development of smarter homes with higher energy efficiency and more affordable housing options. There’s little doubt that this vibrant metropolis will have a lot to offer in the years to come, whether you’re an investor searching for your next big opportunity or a homeowner simply interested in where Dubai is going.

High Return on Investment

In the real estate industry, cost-effectiveness is one of the most crucial factors. There are extremely few investors and buyers when there is a high-cost acquisition. But compared to other global capitals, Dubai’s real estate market offers a low buying cost. In London, the price per square foot is 3208 USD, compared to 468 USD in Dubai. This is a significant advantage for investors, and you ought to invest in the Dubai real estate market as well.

The value of a real estate business is also greatly influence by rental returns. Some of Dubai’s top performing sectors provide up to 10% yield. In contrast, this is 2.83% in Singapore and 3.21% in London. In Dubai, the rental rate is not less than 5.82% on an average and conservative basis. This is a really enticing and attractive aspect of the real estate market in Dubai, so you should take advantage of these wonderful advantages.

Booming Economy

Dubai has become one of the world’s most interesting real estate markets in recent years. The vibrant city has drawn investors from all over the world due to its enticing tax policies, first-rate infrastructure, and growing economy. Several factors are anticipat to influence the Dubai property market going forward in 2022. Urban sprawl is one of these pattern that is being replace by smart cities. Many developers are concentrating on creating residential communities and extravagant homes like 2 bedroom villas for sale in Dubai. These developments seamlessly blend work and recreation in response to the significant population growth that is causing increased traffic congestion and pollution.

Dubai is steadily experiencing exponential growth as the venue of international ceremonies and events. Whether it be cricket matches or international conferences, everything is moving to Dubai. This change will propel the Dubai property market to the top of success and innovation, which is incredibly advantageous. So, if you want to benefit from investments, you should invest in real estate in Dubai right away.

Attractive Features

When it comes to real estate, Dubai is one of the most attractive cities in the world. There are countless chances for both investors and homebuyers in this country with its warm climate and gorgeous beaches. Dubai’s accessible location is a major factor in its rapid expansion over the past few decades. Dubai is a significant economic hub because of its strategic location in the Middle East, which places it between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The city is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is home to the world’s major attractions like Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest tower), adjacent to the Dubai Mall (the world’s largest mall) and The Dubai Fountain (the world’s biggest fountain). This city of skyscrapers and malls has evolved from a desert outpost into a popular vacation spot, drawing visitors in search of great deals, warm weather, and family-friendly activities. Along with all the glitzy new additions, this city also offers a wealth of cultural attractions and things to do.

Dubai is the perfect location for companies seeking an international base of operations due to its robust financial industry. Additionally, the city distinguishes itself from other capital cities in the region thanks to its reputation as a vibrant, futuristic metropolis. 

Furthermore, Dubai is also known to have an excellent transportation system, making it simple to move around the city. The Dubai Metro is well-liked by commuters due to its efficiency, cleanliness, and safety. This makes moving around the city more convenient than ever. Regardless of whether you want a home for yourself or buy property as an investment. When investing in real estate in Dubai, there are numerous benefits to take into account.


You should invest in Dubai Real Estate if you desire higher profits, a secure environment for your money, a property-based visa, and cutting-edge infrastructure. Additionally, this real estate has attracted the interest and focus of international investors, increasing its usefulness. To enter the world of high rental prices and tax-free real estate, you should invest in Dubai Real Estate as soon as you can. 

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