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TherapyNotes Review

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TherapyNotes is a cloud-based patient management system. The company releases a new improvement or feature every month. This development cycle may seem slow, but features are generally rock solid when they’re released. The company is unique in that it offers Two-Factor Authentication for users.

Patient portal

The TherapyNotes patient portal allows you to share documents, including patient files, with your clients. You can email documents, or clients can complete and sign them electronically. These documents can then be uploaded back to the Therapist. The TherapyNotes patient portal makes it easy for you to collaborate with your clients and your team.

The patient portal provides a variety of features, including calendar views. You can customize the calendar to show recurring appointments or specific patients. It can also be customized with billing and staff schedules. In addition, clients can request appointments online. The portal also allows you to set up automatic appointment reminders. You can charge a nominal fee for this service, or send emails with reminders for free.

Patients can also create their own accounts through the TherapyNotes patient portal. The patient portal requires an email address on file with the client. Clients can log in using their email address and a secure password. A parent must have an email address on file with TherapyNotes for each child. Once the first client has an account, they can link subsequent clients to the same account.

Appointment reminders

The TherapyNotes app has several features that make scheduling and client communication more efficient. The tool has a client portal where clients can view their schedule, and appointment reminders that will remind them of upcoming appointments. TherapyNotes is integrated with billing and documentation, so the information input when scheduling an appointment pulls forward into the other stages of the process. For example, the type of documentation that you can produce, information included on insurance claims, and the ability for clients to see when you’re available can be affected by how you schedule an appointment.

TherapyNotes appointment reminders can be configured to send email or text message reminders. This feature can be customized to your preferences so that you can send reminders only to the clients who are most likely to show up. This feature helps you reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, and it reduces your overhead costs as well. The app also includes the ability to send text messages and phone calls to your clients.


TherapyNotes is a mental health software program that combines standardized forms with advanced functionality. Its features include a user-friendly interface and flexible work flow. Clinicians and clients can view, edit, and print progress notes, and track insurance authorizations, while therapists can keep track of appointments, treatment plans, and billing information. TherapyNotes also integrates with Change Healthcare and offers real-time insurance eligibility. However, it lacks features such as mobile applications or HIPAA compliance.

TherapyNotes is more expensive than SimplePractice and is not designed for a larger practice. However, if you only need a basic system, SimplePractice is a great choice. The basic package costs just $39 per month, which is more affordable than TherapyNotes. While SimplePractice has fewer features, you can still get the most important features, including a website builder and Wiley planner. Moreover, SimplePractice offers a Monarch listing for free for a limited time.

TherapyNotes’ calendar offers a day, week, and monthly view. It syncs with your Google or Apple calendar, but you’ll need to login to make any changes. Using the calendar, you can also enter your clinician’s schedule, which makes scheduling easier. As part of the subscription, you can also set up email reminders or SMS/voice reminders.

Inventory management

TherapyNotes inventory management software helps medical facilities maintain a central database of their patients’ medical records. It allows therapists to quickly access and update information about each patient. The software also supports electronic billing and claims procedures, making it easier to collect payments and submit claims electronically. It also provides on-demand financial reports, insurance aging reports, and revenue reports. It can also be used to track patients’ appointments, manage inventory, and upload documents to the system.

TherapyNotes provides unlimited phone and email support and has weekend support hours. The company also has a comprehensive online help center and training videos for users. Its customer support is responsive and helpful, which are critical features for any therapy practice. For more information, visit TherapyNotes’ website.

The software also features integrated payment processing, accepting credit cards, debit cards, and health savings accounts. It is PCI and HIPAA-compliant. It can generate billing reports, patient statements, and to-do lists, and can integrate with other software. It also has a customizable calendar and allows users to view their schedules. TherapyNotes’ user interface is user-friendly, so it can be easy to learn.