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The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 mini: Devices that are perfect refurbished picks

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Smartphones are something that has grown to become ubiquitous parts of our lives, and the roles that they play on a daily basis cannot be underestimated for once. Besides bringing the entire world to our palms virtually, these devices serve as aspirational products for a large number of people. Apple’s iPhones, launched in the late 2000s, have grown to become one of the largest smartphone brands out there and conquered the world at a never-before-seen scale. Besides being extremely well-constructed devices, they are something of a status symbol as well, and a large number of people dream of owning and experiencing an iPhone someday, but there’s a catch.

You see, with each generational change, the iPhones keep getting more and more expensive, and that is something that can be credited greatly to the research and development that goes into engineering each device. These constantly ballooning prices push these devices out of the reach of large demography, who could’ve otherwise afforded a brand-new iPhone if the prices were to be reasonable. 

This major issue is witnessed in several other premium flagship devices as well, and one industry that has come to the rescue is that of refurbished smartphones, selling second hand iphone 11 or iphone 12 mini refurbished. These devices are pretty modern ones when it comes to their features and specifications, and can hold their own against any modern smartphone, and beat them in many aspects. The best part? You can own an iphone 12 mini refurbished for a fraction of its original cost, which would make the purchase a financially sound decision as well. 

Here, we will be taking a look at the benefits that these refurbished iPhones bring to the table, and try to understand what makes them such desirable devices on the refurbished market. So, let’s start. 

The iPhone 11

First up, iPhone 11’s was launched quite some time before the iPhone 12, and getting a good second hand iphone 11 is quite easy. Several online resellers sell these smartphones, and it is suggested that you do your proper research before shortlisting the right one for you. The advantages that this device brings to the table are immense, namely.

  • When it comes to the form factor, the iPhone 11 is a pretty compact phone, and that is something that makes it that much easier to use. The 6.1- inch retina IPS display comes equipped with a 326 PPI resolution. The oleophobic coating ensures that the device doesn’t end up becoming a fingerprint magnet, while the scratch-resistant glass protects the device from scratches, nicks, and dents. 
  • Nowadays, cameras are an important aspect of every smartphone’s functionality, and the iPhone 11 does not disappoint in that aspect as well. Apple always works magic with software and hardware optimization, and they have done so with the iPhone 11. The dual 12-Mp sensors come with optical image stabilization and sapphire crystal covers, 5X digital zoom, and ultra-wide, the camera offers several features and provides some of the best photographic performance there is. 
  • Vlogging and short-video creation is a trend that is rising at a rapid rate, and a second hand iphone 11 wouldn’t disappoint in that category as well. Being capable of recording 4K videos at 60fps, the stabilization that the iPhone 11 provides is top-notch, and stereo recording capabilities make this the perfect video phone. 
  • The device comes equipped with the A13 bionic chipset and is a processing beast in every sense of the word. There is no task that is too big for this device, and you wouldn’t be experiencing any form of lag whatsoever. 
  • The iOS 14 is one of the best OS out there, and this iPhone comes equipped with the same. Apple has committed to releasing periodic updates regarding the OS and security patches, and that is something that would ensure that the device stays relevant for quite some time to come. 

The iphone 12 mini

Succeeding the iPhone 11 in the Apple hierarchy, the iPhone 12 mini has cemented its place in the food chain and has grown to become quite popular as well. The features that make this device special are as follows.

  • Pretty compact, thereby making one-handed usage a breeze. 
  • A strong battery that can provide a pretty long battery life. The iphone 12 mini refurbished features fast charging and wireless charging as well. 
  • Stereo speakers ensure a great audio experience, especially when there are no headphones connected. 
  • The camera setup on the iphone 12 mini refurbished is exceptional, to say the least, and features a 12 Mp dual camera setup that can do everything that the 11 can do and more. 
  • The software that this device runs is the most updated there is, and Apple has committed to further updates in the future as well, thereby ensuring that the device would be useful for a pretty long period. 

Final take:

If you are someone who is on a tight budget but aspires to use an iPhone, and the latest one at that, then you should check out the refurbished and used markets. There was a time when the refurbished device market used to be a pretty shady and unorganized one, but that is no more the case. It is advisable that you do your proper research before picking up the iphone 12 mini refurbished of your dreams.