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The essential points to properly organise your workspace

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1. Choose a desk exposed to natural light

Let the sunshine in ! If you are lucky enough to be able to choose your location, opt without any hesitation for an office located near a source of natural light. Whether next to a window, a large bay window, under a skylight or behind a simple glass roof, the luminosity provided by the sun’s rays has positive effects on our body and our mind and helps us to express our full potential.

Install your desk perpendicular to these openings so as not to be bothered by backlighting on your computer screen. In case of bad weather, energy-efficient neon lights, ceiling lights or floor lamps will complete the lighting of the room.If needed, you can also request a small desk lamp with a light therapy effect. Nothing better to boost morale and restore energy during the gloomy days of winter!

2. Take advantage of the storage available

It is often an unconscious phenomenon but disorder has a negative effect on the mind. It is therefore important to be able to store files, documents and office supplies in their place in order to have clean offices. It is indeed always more pleasing to work in an orderly environment . This greatly aids your concentration and helps you not to stress unnecessarily while searching for that all-important paper.

Cupboards, bookcases, filing cabinets, boxes on wheels, lockers or even cardboard boxes… There is often plenty of storage in companies. Take advantage of all this storage to cleverly classify all your files within easy reach and optimise your space. That way, you’ll know where to find them when needed and won’t waste time unnecessarily.

3. Ask for ergonomic equipment

You have surely heard of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) related to bad postures adopted when working seated in front of a desk? Know that there are ergonomic furniture and equipment recommended by professionals to better organise your workspace and protect you against back pain, pain in the trapezius muscles, wrist, or eye strain.

You can therefore ask your employer to provide you with a comfortable office chair with armrests, as well as a footrest, an ergonomic mouse pad or a height-adjustable desk or platform. Indeed, the seated position being increasingly called into question for health issues (back pain, obesity, etc.), sit-stand desks are developing more and more. It is an ergonomic piece of equipment that is fairly simple to install on the table or desks and whose height can be adjusted in order to alternate positions several times a day.

The ideal posture for working in front of a computer screen:

Your back straight against the back of your chair with your gaze towards the horizon. Your elbows are at a 90° angle and your forearms are perfectly parallel to the floor. The hand is in the extension and the maintenance of the mouse must not break the wrist. Finally, it is not recommended to be on tiptoe or to cross your legs at the risk of causing pain. The best thing is to firmly anchor the 2 feet in the ground.

4. Green the space with a few plants

In an office, green plants are much more than simple decorative details but a real source of well-being! By placing ficus, philodendrons, palms and other bonsai trees in every corner of the room, you will create a vibrantly colored environment with a more supportive and productive atmosphere.

Moreover, some are unaware of it, but plant species also play an anti-pollution role by gradually absorbing chemical odours from printers, photocopiers and markers, as well as waves from computer equipment! You can then work in a cool and visually aesthetic office, but don’t forget to water them down from time to time!

5. Indulge in the joys of personalization

Unless your company has recently opted for the “shared office” trend also called “Flex Office”, your professional workstation is assigned to you and you can therefore make it a space in your image by personalising it!

Indeed, the company is no longer perceived simply as a place of work but as a place of life. It is therefore very important that you feel good about it. Hang your children’s drawings on a partition, pin family photos or place small decorative objects and colour notes on the desk… in short, make your office area your own and personalise it as you wish. This reassuring little bubble filled with positive vibes will allow you to feel more relaxed and be less subject to stress during your working hours .

6. Clean regularly

Overly cluttered desks waste your time and can even get in the way of your concentration. For better organisation, sort once or twice a month by emptying your drawers and throwing away unnecessary papers or overused supplies.Likewise, every evening before leaving, leave your place tidy and wash your cup of coffee. So when you resume your activity the next morning, you will be even more motivated!

7. Enjoy a friendly space

To guarantee good productivity during the 7 hours of work, it is essential to take a few breaks during the day to clear your mind and take a step back. If you have a room or a few square metres available, don’t hesitate to go there! This dedicated room, like a small lounge, will allow you to discuss with the other teams and relax for a few minutes in a pleasant atmosphere before returning to your tasks.If possible and if your company has the budget, you can ask to put some colour on the walls in this relaxation area or set up a small cocooning area with armchairs and sofas near a coffee machine.

The workspace of the temporary worker on a temporary assignment

Employees on permanent contracts and temporary workers have no difference in terms of their status and their rights as workers , but what about their workspace?

The same rights as a permanent employee

Have you been recruited as a temporary worker? Be aware that throughout the duration of your employment contract, you are subject to the same internal regulations and the same rights as employees assigned to their position on a permanent basis.So in your place of exercise, as a temporary worker, you must be able to enjoy the same working conditions and comfort during your working hours. Functional and ergonomic office, access to the break room and the coffee machine, cloakroom, catering area… Even if your mission lasts only a few days, according to the law, the user company must provide temporary workers with the same freedoms to personalise their desktop. You can therefore arrange your office as you wish by bringing personal objects and decoration.

A way to facilitate your integration

Afterwards, the reception, the presentation of the company and the teams as well as the visit of the buildings… Allowing the temporary workers to appropriate their workstation is an additional way of participating in your integration into society.Customising your new office can also help you get to know your co-workers faster by making it easier to strike up a conversation. So many elements that will ensure your well-being and at the same time promote your productivity and your desire to do well!