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The coolest place in Goa

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Travelling to different places such as Goa,  has been one of the most incredible and relaxing things to do. It is for people who want to spend some time away from a life full of anxiety and stress. Among these places, Goa is one of the top and most likeable spots for spending a vacation.

An overview of the place(The Grande Island):

Grande Island in Goa, formerly called the Grande, is one of the most popular vacation places due to its quiet environment and accessibility to a number of adventure activities like snorkelling, dolphin spotting, and scuba diving. A quick boat journey that is offered by a number of facilities and small businesses in the city of Panaji itself can take you to the island. 

About the activity

The day cruises begin with a ride down a jetty from where you can see the well-known Aguada Fort, lighthouse, Central Jail, and other seaside landmarks. Dolphin spotting is another very popular activity that can be done using  a boat.

The management can provide you with a rope and bait (if it is part of your package), and you can fish right from your boat if you want to. Due to the large number of bats that live there, the island is called Bat Island. Additionally, Grande Island provides tranquillity.

Monkey Beach on Grande Island is a great place to snorkel:

After you are done with fishing, snorkelling, and unusual dolphin spotting excursions, the boat will stop at the final location. The lovely Monkey Beach is the best location to stop for this activity. While some people choose to jump into the water and see a large number of marine life up close. 

Others prefer to sit in the sun with a rope and some bait and try their hand at fishing. Before the volunteers may eventually dive into the clear waters, they are first supervised by the specialists while wearing fishing gear and a mask. 

About the experience

The experience is the most exhilarating and revitalising on the island, and you must definitely try it. It is considered as one of the most thrilling things there.

The per-person booking prices start at INR 1250. You can request a discount if your party size is ten or greater, though. The activity is available from October to March, and pick-up occurs about 8:00 AM.

Diving off of Grande Island:

Another of Grand Island’s most exhilarating pastimes is scuba diving. You can make your reservations using a variety of packages and offers. The thrill of diving into crystal-clear blue seas and floating next to colourful, exotic fish and other aquatic life is bizarre and unfathomable. 

The activity is absolutely safe and is carried out in the company of skilled professionals and guides. Before plunging into the water, the volunteers receive a brief orientation from the management and are given scuba diving gear, masks, and fins.

Some other cool places that you can visit in Goa:

Arambol, Goa:

Arambol is one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, and with good reason. The location’s popularity is boosted by a distinctly bohemian atmosphere and a variety of inexpensive lodging options.

Agonda, Goa:

Agonda, a hidden gem, is an undeveloped, picturesque beach in the southern part of Goa that undoubtedly ranks among the less-crowded beaches there. The beach is less crowded and perfect for swimming, tanning, or just relaxing.

Morjim, Goa:

Despite its natural beauty, Morjim Beach is most well-known for being an Olive Ridley sea turtle breeding area and  here these animals may be seen in great numbers. It is a wonderful place to see many different bird species.

Butterfly, Goa:

Butterfly Beach, a hidden gem, is one of Goa’s most attractive  yet least visited beaches. On this seashore, there are many different species of butterflies. There are no roads towards the shore, thus the only way to get there is by boat.

Colva, Goa:

Colva is a calm beach with its own special charm that is surrounded by coconut trees. The  beauty of the beach is increased by the colourful fishing boats floating in the water.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, North Goa:

One of the oldest and most well-known churches in this are is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which was constructed in the 16th century. This UNESCO World Heritage Site’s building is a wonderful illustration of Baroque design. The church is well-known for housing St. Francis Xavier’s mummy.

Se Catedral de Santa Catarina, North Goa:

Se Cathedral is one of the biggest churches in Goa and is an example of perfect and likeable architecture. The Golden Bell, Goa’s largest bell, is 250 feet tall in this church.