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The best alternative to smoking? – All you need to know about Heets IQOS

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Everyone knows that smoking is detrimental to health. However, this has not prevented the global use of cigarettes and other nicotine-based goods. But smoking a cigarette causes more than simply nicotine absorption; it also causes a heap of additional issues. Such as persistent unpleasant odor, discolored lips, and so on. This is why most individuals are seeking newer and better ways to obtain their nicotine fix. 

To meet popular demand cigarette businesses keep developing newer versions of nicotine devices ensuring their clients stay hooked. For example, if you are a resident of the UAE, you are probably familiar with the latest Heets IQOS devices. This latest addition to the collection of nicotine devices is popularly known to be an abbreviation for – I Quit Original Smoking. 

This device was the first of what is expected to be a new range of gadgets known as “heated tobacco” or “heat not burn” items. They are said to offer a healthier alternative to smoking by not burning the tobacco but provide another way to inhale nicotine that is neither vaping nor smoking.

The IQOS devices can be charged by a USB port and they are typically the same size as the vape or e-cigarettes. The further end of the device contains a narrow port where you can insert a small cigarette-shaped roll of tobacco known as Heets. The device seems to lack the main symbols of smoking and vaping: there is no flame, no smoke, and just a ghostly wisp to exhale.

Is using IQOS Heets and Devices similar to vaping?

Although the Heat-not-burn devices look very similar to the vaping devices they are not the same in nature. Unlike vapes or e-cigarettes, they get nicotine straight from tobacco, just like regular cigarettes. However, the similarity to traditional cigarettes ends there. They do not burn tobacco leaves and give off some of the other chemicals that smoking delivers. 

A crossover between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes:

Electronic gadgets that are using tobacco leaves to provide nicotine exhale substance without burning the tobacco are known as heat not burn items. When these devices get heated they emit a nicotine-containing vapor that you will inhale. The key factor that separates them from traditional cigarettes is that their mechanism warms the tobacco at very low temperatures. The tobacco is heated to a temperature of only 350°C which strikingly lowers then ordinary cigarettes, which combust and burn at temperatures of up to 900°C. However, despite having this low temperature it is still possible for heated products to vaporize harmful chemicals to be inhaled.

Are Heated Products Less Harmful Compared to Traditional Cigarettes? 

It is needless to say that smoking, vaping, electronic cigarettes, and utilizing heat-not-burn products are all associated with impaired endothelial function, increased oxidative stress, and high levels of platelet activation, which can cause blood clotting and bleeding as compared to not smoking. However, not all nicotine inhalation techniques emit the same quantity of hazardous chemical components. However, this does not imply that the risk of endothelial dysfunction is the same for people who smoked both normal cigarettes and heat-not-burn products.

What we know so far:

The idea behind heat not burn products is that they provide smokers with the same nicotine sensation without exposing them to dangerous chemicals. Because there is no burning or combustion, which would ordinarily release toxins, heat not burn products produce fewer toxins and at lower amounts than regular cigarettes.

There has been some research that claims that heated products significantly produce fewer harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes. But the fact is most of these studies were done by tobacco companies, so the results are not a hundred per cent reliable. So, it might be too soon to claim that IQOS devices are not harmful or they are a safe way to inhale nicotine. We would need more long-term studies done by reliable sources to come to a logical conclusion in this regard. 

Heated products are by far the better option:

We can all agree that all tobacco products are harmful to health on some level. However, if we were to rank the items in terms of cancer risk from highest to lowest based on the information we presently have, traditional cigarettes would rank high owing to a higher risk, and heated devices would rank lower due to a reduced risk. As a result, if a person is looking for a better alternative to smoking, heated devices are a clear choice over ordinary cigarettes. So, unless more information comes up heated devices or more specifically IQOS devices are possibly a good option to quench your nicotine cravings. 

So let us not burn tobacco anymore. Get the IQOS devices for a new and smarter way to smoke. Switch to IQOS today and discover a new and wonderful world of smoking. Because that is the future of smoking.

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