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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Free-Standing Discount Bathroom Vanities

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Free-standing bathroom vanities are not fixed to the floor or wall. So, you can install them anywhere you want. No matter whether you are going for the traditional feel or want a modern touch, free-standing bathroom vanity will work perfectly for you. You will find multiple colors and styles to choose from. 

But before your free-standing discount bathroom vanities for your bathroom, check out its benefits and drawbacks. 

Benefits of Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

Take a look at the top benefits of installing free-standing vanities for your bathroom. 

  1. Improves the Look of the Floors

One of the best things about free-standing bathroom vanities Minneapolis is that they can improve the look of the floors. The pedestal will only cover a small area and the floor stands out more than with a regular vanity sink. Since you have multiple color choice at your disposal, choose a color that will make the floor pop rather than just blending with the vanity. 

  1. Saves Space

The biggest advantage of free-standing bathroom vanities is that it lets you save space in the bathroom. So, they can be the perfect choice for a smaller bathroom. With these vanities, you can maximize the space. The space that you save by installing free-standing vanities can be used for something else. It can make the space appear airier. 

  1. Can be Placed Anywhere You Want

Portability is a trait that makes free-standing cabinets stand out from other bathroom vanities. With this, you can make your bathroom remodelling project more flexible. You can place them at the most optimal position. No matter where you place it, free-standing cabinets can stand on its own. 

  1. Gives the Bathroom an Exclusive Look

People choose free-standing vanities because they want to improve the bathroom’s look. They have a vintage look that’s different than what you can get with usual bathroom vanities. They can be the ideal choice if you want to get a period-style look for your bathroom space. If you would like to step-back in time, these bathroom vanities might be the ideal choice for you. 

  1. Available in Different Styles

When it comes to choosing free-standing bathroom vanity cabinets for your bathroom, you will get the option to choose from multiple styles. A standard bathroom vanity comes with a bulky design. But that is not the case with free-standing cabinets since they you get the option to choose just the pedestal but the sink, too. 

Update bathroom vanity using free-standing bathroom vanities that are available in different design and color options. It will add uniqueness to the space. 

Drawbacks of Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

Now, check out at a few drawbacks offree-standing bathroom vanities. 

  1. Prone to Damage

One of the primary drawbacks you have to encounter when you replace bathroom cabinet with a free-standing one is that they are prone to damage. If you try to move the vanities too much, it might lead to a permanent damage. Hence, you will have to be very careful while repositioning the vanities.

  1. The Legs Might Not Always Look Appealing

Another thing that some people might not like about free-standing bathroom vanities is that they have a pair of legs. Many people take this an unappealing. In case you are one of them, you will have to use skirting boards for keeping them away from your guests’ prying eyes. 

  1. Takes Up Floor Space

Unlike regular bathroom vanities, free-standing cabinets do not attach to the wall. It means they can take up more space in your bathroom’s floor. If you have a big bathroom, it might not be an issue. But if you have a smaller bathroom, you might have to re-consider installing them. You might have to look for an alternative option.