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Test Plan Management – Its Importance & How To Do It

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If you are struggling with understanding the concept of test plan management and areas skirting it like test case management, test management tools, test plan management software, test automation tools, etc. Then we are here to help you with test management-related queries and discuss how it is crucial for the final product delivered.

Below we will discuss what is test plan management, what it involves, why is test management crucial and how can you do test plan management, in-depth.

What is Test Plan Management?

Test plan management is the process where you create the testing plans with respect to Solution based documentation. Each test plan is like a test case where you create testing plans for smaller tasks based on a set of solutions, tasks and views. Here, the view of each test plan is very crucial for test plan management since it can reduce the scope of the test plan.

Now let’s understand why test plan management is important and how can you ace it. 

Importance of test plan management

Test plan management holds a lot of significance throughout the testing process and most importantly for an accurate final result. These are some important features of test plan management.

  • Helps you ensure a high-quality end product
  • By analyzing risks, you can save time and energy during later levels
  • Accurate test estimations lead to better planning, execution and thus end result
  • Saves time for later unwanted mishaps
  • Helps you stick to the test plan

How to learn test plan management?

Below we will discuss important steps to follow for test plan management.

  1. Test Objective Depiction 

It’s necessary to understand the objective and goal of the product to accurately manage a test plan. To know the objectives, garner all the information about the product, like whom the product is for and for what it will be used. Only when you know the goal of the product, you can manage the test plan documents.

  1. Risk Analysis

Test plan management also involves analyzing risk factors and trying to negate them as much as possible. The risk while testing software can be an undesirable outcome when you tested the software activity. For example; You log in to your Instagram account and accept the friend request, but due to an error it rejects the request. These errors are the risks which you will need to take care of early on.

  1. Test Estimation

Estimation of test results is one of the important parts of test plan management. The test estimation is basically the forecast for test results. It determines how long the testing might take to complete. You also need to estimate resources and employee usage during the testing process. 

  1. Test Planning

Test planning is the easiest task if you have knowledge about the product and its objectives. When you have accurately analyzed risks and estimated test results & the labour involved in the testing activity then, test planning will be a child’s play. You just have to document your research, analysis and estimation.

Test planning documents include information like;

  • Test strategy
  • Test objective
  • Suspension/exit criteria
  • Resource planning
  • Product deliverables
  1. Test Organization

The last part of test plan management is test organization. It is basically a procedure in which you define the roles in the testing process. In simple terms, test organization means distributing the roles to individuals in the testing process, depending on the competency and knowledge of the individual.

Test organization helps you stick to the test plan while testing activities and hence need extra care during test plan management. 


We have discussed ‘Test Plan Management” and its related queries in the former sections of the article. By now we hope that you have understood what test plan management is and how you can acquire its skills. Just keep practising and you will ace the test plan management skills in no time. 

We bid our goodbyes, but if you have any further queries or would like us to make an article on a different topic, drop the comment below.