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How To Find the Perfect Risky Business Costume

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When you think about it, the world of risk management is ripe for costume inspiration. Think about it: what do risk managers do all day? They manage risks. A lot of risks. There are natural disasters, market risks, supply chain risks, operational risks…the list goes on and on. Fortunately, dressing up as a risk manager is hardly the only way to show your coworkers that you’re thinking about them this Halloween. As much as we love risk management jargon, dressing up as a risky business character or an element of risky business would be perfect for any office party this year. Whether you consider yourself a bit of a wildcard or just want to throw your coworkers off their game, we have everything you need to find the perfect risky business costume. Here are some ideas on how to dress up like the perfect risky business characters this Halloween.

What is a Risky Business Costume?

A risky business costume is one that features a character from the world of high finance or is made to look like a risky business or product. You can either choose to dress as a character or create a costume that resembles a risky business. Risky businesses include high-risk financial products and activities such as insurance, futures trading, leveraged loans, high-frequency trading, and more. As Halloween is a night of risks, a risky business costume is the perfect way to celebrate any type of high-risk investment or product. What’s more, risky businesses are always looking for risk managers to hire! If you love Halloween and the world of high finance, a risky business costume is a fun way to celebrate both. You can dress as any type of risky business product, or you can become the human embodiment of risk by dressing up as a risk manager.

A Speedy Insurance Agent

If you’ve ever tried to buy insurance or even just called your insurance company, you know that speed is in high demand. Why not dress up as a speedy insurance agent this Halloween? This costume could either be a retro look (think: a pencil skirt and an old-school telephone) or a modern interpretation of an insurance agent that’s always in a rush. Keep in mind some key elements of the speedy insurance agent costume:

– A pencil skirt: This element of the speedy insurance agent costume is a classic. You can easily find modern pencil skirts at any clothing store, and they’re a perfect choice for a speedy insurance agent costume.

– A blouse and tie: A tie and blouse are easy to find and cheap to buy, so they’re a must for any speedy insurance agent costume.

– A modern twist: You can add a modern twist to the speedy insurance agent costume by adding a smartphone or laptop to the outfit. This will let everyone know that you’re always in a rush.

A Clapless Trader

A clapless trader is one who trades without the use of a financial instrument. What does that mean? It means that you’re not trading futures or options or any other type of financial product that has a contract attached to it. How does one dress up as a clapless trader, you ask? The clapless trader costume is easy to put together and could be done in seconds.

– A suit: The perfect costume for a clapless trader is a suit, of course. A jacket and pants are the most important parts of this costume.

– A pen: This goes without saying, but you’ll need a pen to go with your costume. The more uncommon the pen is, the better.

– Fancy shoes: You can’t forget the shoes with this costume. You’d better have some fancy shoes!

An Illiquid Asset Manager

An illiquid asset manager is one who manages assets that are very, very difficult to sell. If you’re looking for an easy costume to put together, you’ll want to go as an illiquid asset manager. All you need is a suit, a ridiculous tie, and a fake briefcase that’s impossible to open. The briefcase is the key part of this costume, so make sure that it’s impossible to open.

– A suit: You can’t go wrong with a suit and tie combo. What’s more, a suit is the most important part of this costume.

– A ridiculous tie: The tie you choose should be outlandishly large or bright and colorful. You’ll also want it to have a very long end so you can tuck it into your jacket.

– A fake and impossible to open briefcase: You’ll want a briefcase with a latch that’s completely impossible to open. You can find these at any stationary store.

A Leveraged Loan Officer

A leveraged loan officer is one who specializes in taking out loans that are difficult to pay back. What does that mean for your Halloween costume? Well, you’ll want to make sure to look like you can barely pay back the loan you’re wearing. This costume is all about the accessories, so make sure that you have the following pieces before Halloween: – A suit: Any suit will do as long as it’s in a dark color. – An oversized tie: The more outrageous the color of the tie, the better. – An oversized watch: You don’t want to go overboard with the watch, but you do want it to be a bit larger than normal. – A briefcase: This is the most important part of any leveraged loan officer costume. You’ll want a briefcase that’s extremely heavy.

A High-Frequency Trading Robot

A high-frequency trading robot is a piece of trading technology that does everything for you automatically. If you want to go as a high-frequency trading robot for Halloween, you’ll need to settle on a specific type of robot. Are you a short-term algorithmic trading robot or a quant equity trading robot? You can decide on the type of robot you want to be once you know the basic features of each robot. You’ll want to make sure that you have the following pieces for your high-frequency trading robot costume:

– A computer: The computer you use to dress up as a high-frequency trading robot doesn’t have to be real. In fact, you can use any computer you have on hand as long as it looks real.

– A trading screen: While you can use any computer you have around your house, you’ll want a trading screen on the wall behind you to complete the look.

– Hands: The two most important parts of your hands for this costume are calluses and grease stains.

Final Words

When you combine the world of high finance with Halloween, you get the perfect opportunity to be creative and have some fun with your costume. Whether you decide to go with one of the characters above or create your own costume, you’ll have an easy time finding a risky business costume that’s perfect for you. And when you’re done, you can head to the office party with some confidence knowing that you’ve dressed up as the perfect risky business character.