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Record WhatsApp call And Be The Responsible Boss

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It has not been a while since I have added some new employees to my team. With an extensive digital marketing campaign, it was kind of inevitable to not add young employees, especially girls to the team. They asked me to extend my promotional and campaign tactics to social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and other popular platforms and I did that.No doubt there has been a rigorous increase in customer reach and the pool of potential buyers has increased up to manifolds but there are many drawbacks as well.  For example, the employees working on the night shift complained about some spam calls and messages to me. It was not professional nor good in terms of business to simply block the numbers so we tried to ignore them but it started going out of hand with time. Especially in the days when the females were on duty at night time the spam calls reached a record high rate.  For the background, we deal in the garments business and that includes all sorts of wear. So people in disguise asking about the fittings and size of the garments started crossing the line and harassing the employees. Two of the new girls came forward and become vocal about this issue resulting in others coming forward as well. The worst part was that even some male employees complained about the same issue as well. 

  • A WhatsApp research that was done by Opinion showed that 46% of scammers approach through simple text messages while 13%  approach through WhatsApp.

The thing was getting weird and weird and it was affecting the business as well as there were some other random incidents. For example one of the callers kept on calling and harassing the employee and she lost her calm on another customer. It was a mess as she was embarrassed and angry and not in the right state of mind to do the work so we asked her to go back home and take a rest. That was the day I decided I had to do something to make things right. Otherwise this digital marketing thing was going to cost me the worst. The Only way out at that moment seemed to record WhatsApp calls and keep a thorough timescale to make sure neither employees nor the business got affected by the mess. We found out about the OgyMogy and we got it right away as the employee monitoring features sounded promising.

How To Incorporate Record WhatsApp call In Business:

 In case you deal in business that involves WhatsApp then you should check out the OgyMogy spy app feature that offers WhatsApp recording. You can even try any other spy app of your choice as well. But the thing about OgyMogy is that it is more efficient and effective with economical bundle deals. This is one of the key reasons for recommending this spy app. The incorporation of WhatsApp in business has seen a clear rise after Facebook introduced the call to WhatsApp option in the newsfeed. That simply means you can connect both the Facebook and WhatsApp business accounts and manage your work more authentically and efficiently than you could ever be able to do so. I was very satisfied with the services until this scam/spam call thing came to the screen. 

What Can Record WhatsApp call Do For You:

As I have mentioned earlier main reason that got my attention to Record WhatsApp call was the continuous scam call that was affecting business. I got the WhatsApp spy app feature of the OgyMogy to track all the scammers and spam calls to protect my employees. But the versatile list of other features has been a great help overall. 

  • You can use the record WhatsApp call feature and can listen to all the content in detail through the WhatsApp call recording tool. 
  • The app also saves the text and group chat details for the user. In that way, besides the Record WhatsApp call feature, one can also keep the track of text records.
  • The media shared through Whatsapp is saved with contact IDs and date and time information. You can not only track any bully or scammer but can even block them for good right away. 

Everything is handled remotely after installation so feels free to enjoy the services at any given time.