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Reading Your Akashic Records Through Akashic Record Training

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The Akashic Records Reading is a tunnel that connects you think you are with who you are supposed to be. They are a database of beliefs, pieces of knowledge, and lessons throughout all your lifetimes.

The Akashic Records Reading Training helps you access your records to discover your true purpose, passion, and the life you want to live. You will no longer feel stuck or guess whether you are on the right track and know how to find the right path.

Nothing feels worse than feeling you are here for a specific reason but not knowing what that is after watching so many people live their entire lives without discovering their purpose.

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The Akashic Records Training enables you to help yourself and other people to discover what they have done that is blocking them from leading a happy life. What is our soul craving for, and how can we help our soul feel free from the clutches of past life regrets, trauma, and fears?

What is Akashic Records Training?

Akashic Records Training is learning to penetrate, read and modify the Akashic Records. It’s acquiring access to your past lives or personal and family karma for in-depth and transformational healing during Akashic Records Training. 

Why get the Akashic Records Training? 

The Akashic Record Training helps you build alignment between the body, mind, and soul. You might need to get the Akashic Records Reading Training to grab the following benefits:

  • Trains you to contribute your unique spiritual gifts to the world.
  • Trains you to channel the captivating messages from the Record keepers and compasses in the 11th dimension. 
  • Trains you to direct the truth and knowledge that your or others’ soul is hiding. 
  • Enlighten your life path, conveying peace, consolation, and peace for yourself and others. 
  • Learn about the directions and how they carry forward necessary information in a clear, peaceful, agreeable, and affectionate manner.
  • Find answers to your most deep questions.
  • Step-by-step support from the principles to oblige you with your entire life.
  • Uncover why you repeat the same patterns in this lifetime.
  • Initiate your expedition of evolution and stimulation.
  • You will activate to become an energetic match to the people, places, and things you know you earn to tie with by increasing your vibration.
  • We create you from the ground up, training your body, mind, and soul to receive elevated vibrational transmissions from the Akashic records.
  • It trains you to recall who you are at a soul level.
  • Makes you realize your life’s universal purpose.

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom 

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom offers you the opportunity to become an expert in reading your and other people’s Akashic Records through a well-designed Akashic Record Training Course. 

Your work, connected with the wisdom and understanding you acquired through your challenges, will enable others to cure because you keep walking the walk.

Grow to be a Certified Akashic Teacher, Consultant, and Healer

The Akashic Records Training covers four sections for 12 months. This course attempts to turn a beginner Akashic Consultant into a Certified Akashic Consultant, Teacher, and Healer. The twelve-month program allows you to practice with other trainees and volunteers and trigger toward the 75 readings needed to certify.

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, at the end of this twelve-month Akashic Career Mastery program and fulfillment of your mandatory consultations, you are a Certified Akashic Knowing Consultant. 

The Akashic Record Training Course contains the following sections:

Section 1: Train to Access the Client’s Akashic Records

This section will teach you:

  • A unique vibrational key to align with sacred Akashic energy and access the Akashic Records for others.
  • Means to serve with the Akashic energy to dismiss your clients’ old patterns, karma, vows, and previous life traumas.
  • How to aggravate unknown Akashic Field information and energy as you respond to questions for your clients.
  • Drilling questions to assist your clients in acquiring valuable information.
  • Elements of advancing a successful Akashic Business.
  • How to open the Akashic Records for businesses and pets

Section 2: Recreate your money beliefs limitations

This section will offer you:

  • Exploring the hidden places of your money’s limited beliefs.
  • Aligning with your ancestral and hereditary limitations.
  • Breakthrough past life vows.
  • Clear karmic agreements that may block you in business.
  • Understanding the “Havingness Scale” and how this influences your capability to have what your heart desires.
  • Getting financial freedom by breaking old behavior patterns.
  • Practice bringing prosperity to your business.

Section 3:  The anatomy of energy for Healing

This section will train you:

  • About the layers and the energy beings that form you.
  • Through the 12 layers of Chakra, get empowered to heal yourself and your clients.
  • Exploring your healing abilities through practicing energy with your hands and arms.

Knowing the Infinity Sign to utilize it to counterbalance your clients’ energy in multiple ways.

Section 4: Certified Akashic consultant training

This section will teach you:

  • Transform you into an Akashic Records Certified Consultant, and learn the most comfortable way to be the wide existing.
  • Uncover the catalysts that strike you out of your heart.
  • Investigate unknown areas within the Akashic Record you may never have been permitted to access back.
  • Work in the expansive arenas of the Akashic Records such as Medical, Nutrition, Health, Past Lives, Cosmic happenings, Wellness, Abundance, Soul Path, Extraterrestrials, Earth’s transformations, Land, Countries, Ancient Cities/Sacred Travel, Shamanic, and Animal Communication.
  • Understanding Genuineness and why it is vital to your business.
  • Take supported efforts to complete your business.