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Planning a Bathroom Remodel: 5 Steps to Follow

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Home renovation is one of the smartest ways to increase a property’s resale value. Most homeowners tend to invest in refinishing only when they are ready to put their homes on the market. While this is one of the many reasons home renovations has a high ROI, it can do much more.

This may be in terms of better functionality, more living space, and convenience. As the world transitions from physical security and homes with basic fixtures, smarter homes with improved architecture are more than just a trend.

Mid-range bathroom remodeling projects have an average ROI rate of 70%. Upscale renovations have an average ROI of 60% – reports Housemethod.com.

This ROI isn’t just in terms of market value for resale but also how said renovation improves functionality for families in the U.S. In 2021 alone, about 71% of Americans reported completing a home renovation.

According to similar studies, bathrooms and kitchens are the most renovated portions of homes across America despite the abundance of information and inspiration to remodel bathrooms. Planning how to do so can be a chore.

Therefore, the trick is to find ways that have worked for people who have renovated their bathrooms successfully. There is so much that can go wrong with the right information. Therefore, to better understand the concept and process of bathroom renovation from experts at New Finish Inc or read on:

Understanding Bathroom Remodels

Yes, it’s all very exciting. The idea of new tiles, a new claw foot bathtub, or more storage is enticing as it is. However, once you dive into the world of bathroom renovations, you are sure to find yourself quite confused.

Bathroom Remodeling is a concept that includes changing more than just the fixtures in the space. This is a process that transforms the layout of the place to suit your current needs. These can be due to deterioration a growing family or the purpose of reselling.

Either way, remodels are extensive and require substantial investment and can go south rather easily. The trick to a successful remodel is working with experienced professionals and knowing what you are getting yourself into.

5 Steps to Follow When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

As discussed, renovation projects, big or small can get rather complicated. You may even find yourself stuck with a partially renovated bathroom, waiting for the right cabinets and sinks to arrive.

Therefore, planning is crucial. These are 5 steps that surmise the extensive process oh bathroom renovation for any homeowner.

  1. What Do You Want from The Renovation

If you want to be sure that you are going in the right direction then you must be sure of what you are expecting of the project. This is the first step in creating the right plan. Your end goal for the remodel will help you set a budget, hire the right resources and set a timeline for the project.

You can set your goals by looking for trending renovations similar to what you expect the changes to do. For instance, if your goal is to add more storage space to the bathroom, then you can look for cabinetry additions and shelving styles for the bathroom.

  1. Find The Right Contractor

This is a step that can make or break the entire project. The right resources are crucial to you achieving the renovations you expect. The trick to finding experts is by doing your research. Fortunately, you don’t have to do much.

You can browse through local contractor’s information online, search for reviews and look for recommendations. Of course, nothing beats a direct recommendation from a friend or family member, but recommendations are the next best thing.

Once you have narrowed it down to three contractors, it’s time to have a meeting with each one in person. You cannot decide if they are the right fit for you unless you discuss the details of the project with them and evaluate how qualified they are for the job.

If you think one works for you, you still shouldn’t finalize them unless you get estimate from at least three contractors. Higher prices do not guarantee better quality. Therefore, go through their portfolio, arrange an in-person meeting and then decide by considering the estimates as well.

  1. The Design

This is an exciting yet overwhelming step. Here (despite your earlier effort to set goals) you have to go through a ton of designs to finalize one. The abundance of information is confusing and then add recommendations from your contractor.

However, you don’t have to worry just yet. Your contractor is the key to narrowing down the choices and finding something that works both in terms of aesthetic and functionality. You see, the recommendation the contractor has are based on an assessment of your bathrooms floor plan.

  1. It Time for the Finish

Another overwhelming yet exciting step. You see the market is rife with finishes that can be done for modern-chic bathrooms and 17th century inspired bathrooms that lend a feel of luxury and glamour to the property.

ask your contractor to provide you a detailed list of options and find one that fits into the aesthetic you want. This while in consequential in terms of practical applications completes the remodeling process and takes it into the next step.

  1. See Your Ideas Come to Life

Your investment in the project is what will make it a smooth process. By the fifth tap you must see your ideas coming together. A structure must be ready showing hints of the final product. If you don’t have anything by now you may want to have a conversation it the contractor.

Bear in mind, a remodeling situation doesn’t just require monetary investment but also your time and attention to details. 

Wrapping It Up!

These steps are a sure-fire way to establish a proper process when remodeling your bathroom. While the contractor plays a vital role in creating what you want, you have to be vigilant enough to be a catalyst in the process.

Reach out to experts at New Finish Inc to begin planning for a bathroom remodel that you have always wanted.