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Most Common Mistakes Fashion Designers Make & How To Avoid Them

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In today’s society, one of the most important aspects of being a successful fashion designer is being able to create clothes that look good on people. There are a lot of factors that go into fashion design, and one of the most important is understanding what mistakes designers make. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes are as – not considering the wearer’s body type, not using reliable measurements, disregarding feedback, and not following trends. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, it’s important to be aware of these mistakes and be able to fix them. 

In addition, they often do not take into account the different trends in the fashion world and what would look good on someone with a certain body type. If you’re designing a piece of clothing, it’s important to take the time to understand how the garment will look on someone and what type of shape or form it will be in.

To make sure your fashion designing courses in Navi Mumbai go smoothly, here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Creating without production in mind 

The style should be developed from a technological perspective to be both feasible and aligned with the company’s price range. I often see many designs abandoned from a portfolio because the manufacturing department could not bear the cost of making them.

  1. Not having the right fit

You must have a good fit, but you need the perfect fit as well for your customer. A small, modern clothing line has to fit the body of an adolescent beautifully without sagging too much for a contender.

  1. Lacking a target audience 

Designers are often advised to sell their collections to everybody so that they can appeal to a mass audience. But, your collection should reflect your particular target market or else it won’t mean anything. 

  1. Not having a strong and different selling proposition

This is not everything you need to be different, and it is insufficient on its own to be considered exceptional. Generally speaking, buyers will expect that the items you are selling will fit their needs well and provide superior quality. What is your reason for being? Why are you making these items? Why will the market need what you are selling?

  1. Not always focusing on sales and profits.
  2. Not having a counselor

There are experts in every field, and having access to them around the place is an excellent skill. Working with experts can benefit your consulting business.

  1. Not comprehending your client

Having a good familiarity with your target customer is crucial when thinking of things they’ll need on your clothing. Think about the ways they live, how they shop, and what they enjoy on social media accounts.

  1. Materials and trims of high quality may offer a high-class look but not good affordability

Sometimes, you see an attractive fabric or something else you want. But, if you are not comfortable paying the price, you will not make a profit.

Don’t assume that any idea, in essence, is a good call. Not all of the viable ideas you imagine will have the ability to come to fruition. Needless to say, you will have many viable lay plans for your career or business, but some of those will fail. 


Fashion is now a highly profitable industry, second only to media in the last five decades. However, because beginning as a fashion designer can be one of the most challenging endeavors to enter, it’s a reminder to remain sharp and industrious. 

To avoid, rectify and conquer these mistakes during their fashion designing courses in Navi Mumbai students should definitely consider the INIFD Vashi – International Institute of Fashion Design, the best fashion designing college in mumbai. Fashion design is often a fun and creative way to express yourself, but it can also be a very tedious and time-consuming process.