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Jaisalmer: Camping Under The Stars

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How Can I Undergo Jaisalmer’s Starry Night?

If you are planning to go to Jaisalmer or learn about the town, it is impossible to overlook hotels that offer packages for safaris in the wilderness. There are numerous of them. It is often difficult to choose.

Okay, let’s get to the issue. The choice to include the evening in the desert as part of an educational package has been mostly based on marketing motives. The thought of something you won’t discover anywhere else in India is what makes it intriguing. From a half-day trip to several stays at the dunes, there are a variety of adventure software options. The most popular is staying an additional night out in the desert.

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The tour starts with a departure from the guesthouse, following the dinner. On the way, you will visit The Khaba Fort, which is home to the remains of one of the villages the Paliwal Brahmins left one night approximately 200 years in the past. The village of the locals is the next stop. This is where your ride on the camel through the dunes begins. You can choose to take the SUV on a long trip without a camel ride. Fortunately, the animals of the Jaisalmer wilderness are receiving excellent treatment, except in a few other areas. We don’t think that trying riding a donkey an absolute must, but it’s a great experience. It is possible to continue operating your vehicle.

Best time to Visit Jaisalmer 

Visit the Undercity at both the semi- and early march for the best chance to see Jaisalmer during winter. The best time to go to the desert would be in the evening of a full moon. This is the time it is the best. It can be difficult to create the right plans. If you’re able to organize your schedule there’s nothing that can compare to it.

If you are located in Jaisalmer in the autumn and spring or during the southwest monsoon it is strongly advised against staying overnight in the desert. As the experience will not be identical in this instance so an evening (half-day) excursion might be the better choice. You’d rather return to bed inside your hotel, with the climate control in place. Don’t go to the desert or Jaisalmer in the summertime. You’ll struggle to be awed by the beauty of the place because you are unable to endure the scorching heat.

An open fire

There isn’t any other light source at night, aside from the moonlight sky that creates ethereal feelings of happiness, the moonlight is lit just as the sun is setting. A new and delicious meal that is cooked by the fire while the neighbors sing Rajasthani traditional songs is surely an unforgettable experience.

After having had enough fun, it’s now time to go home to your room for the evening. It is possible to choose to spend your night in the desert. If you do you will also be able to lay out under the stars on charpoys that appear to be made of wood chairs with cushions and blankets. If you choose to sleep with an outdoor tent and a jeep, it will take you to the trail where the tents were constructed. It is also possible to. Therefore, sleeping under the night sky is the ideal way to enjoy the desert.

The typical Jaipur safari package is INR 1500 per person to enjoy a peaceful evening at the night. The maximum amount per person is INR 3,500. The package that includes camping in tents begins at INR 4,000 for each person. It could even be larger depending on the type of tent being used.

What Makes This Expertise Special?

Walking across the salt flats, where the sun’s color changes with the changing colors of clouds are the most enjoyable part of traveling to Jaipur. Jaipur wilderness. The abrasive sand planet’s stark yellow light changes to orange and a gentle breeze sways between red and pink. in front of the background. Be grateful for the experience rather than taking pictures. The sun finishes the day in such a short time that you’d not even be aware of it. After that, you’ll be swiftly welcomed in the company of the stars.

As you climb and descend the dunes that slant Let the cold, sandy beaches brush your feet. It was such a blast! It brings back the memories of your childhood come to mind and offers a wonderful leg day. The desert is quiet enough that it is easy to hear the wind rushing into your ears. similar to the fact that it made it appear like a small child when you placed the glass on top of an ear that is white to listen to it.