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Is Scuba Diving Andaman a must do exertion

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Sunny skies, golden strands, turquoise waters, and untouched environs make Scuba diving in Andaman your perfect go- to destination. But it isn’t just the beauty of the archipelago of 572 islets that makes Andaman and Nicobar islets an ideal flight. There are adventure sports, water conditioning, conditioning for nature suckers. 

And sightseeing tenures of Andaman that one can conclude for. And yes scuba diving in Andaman is a must to do exertion as then you can do numerous fun and instigative effects. Have a look at some of the stylish effects to do in Andaman- 

About the activities in Andaman

Seakart is the rearmost and the most popular adventure sport in Andaman presently where you get to tone- drive it at the ocean along the seacoast of Port Blair. It’s an exclusive mongrel boat that resembles a go- kart. 

It gives you a combination of speed & excitement with safety & comfort. So, if you’re looking to indulge in some thrilling conditioning with your loved ones, also don’t miss this at Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair, and tone- drive in unexplored waters. 

About the activity

Seakart Adventure at Corbyn’s Cove Beach hosts the very first and only the exquisite Sea Karting experience in India. Seakart is present nowaday in only 3 places in the whole world! Their buoyant and unflippable Seakarts can seat 3 people at a time, i.e. 2 guests and an educator that guides you while you tone- drive at ocean. 

It’s absolutely safe and requires no swimming/ driving chops. The thrilling experience and excursion starts from Corbyn’s Cove Beach up till near Ross Island and back. They offer complimentary DSLR photography of you enjoying the Seakart on the swells. 


INR 3499 per person( participating base/ 2 people on one Seakart driving in turns) 

INR 4999 per person(non-sharing base/ drive solo) 

Duration1.5 hours roughly( 30 twinkles of exertion) 

Position Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar islands 744101 

Snorkeling – Enjoy This Water Sport 

For those who have n’t tried snorkeling yet, this is your big chance. The water sport correctly stands on top of our list of the stylish effects to do in Andaman in April. See the beautiful and exquisite marine life and view the rarest corals as you go snorkeling at North Bay Island or Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. We suggest Havelock as the water then’s important than North Bay. 

Cost INR 500 to INR 1000 

Duration 1 hour 

Position SH4, Havelock Island, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar islets 744211 

Bioluminescence – Experience The Magnificent Beauty Of Twinkling Stars 

The bitsy lighted stars and worlds floating under your bases

It would rather than the blue sky over. Total bliss! Watch this be on the sand at Havelock Island as it amongst the top effects to see in Andaman and Nicobar islets, where water glows as you row your boat through them. This happens due to the presence of phytoplankton in the ocean waters. 

The beautiful Bioluminescence can be witnessed only on no moon nights. Kayak tenures are arranged by experts, which are anyway many in Havelock. Ask any Scuba companion and they will connect you to the right person. Visiting this place is one of the stylish effects you must do in Andaman. 

 There are no charges for visiting the bioluminescent sand in Andaman. 

 Duration 1- 2 hours 

 Scuba Diving – For Adventure suckers 

Scuba does n’t require you to know how to swim! Yes, numerous people don’t write it, allowing that knowing swimming is important, but that’s far from reality. However, also and only do you bear swimming chops, If you want to try the tougher situations of scuba and go out into the open waters. 

But the same isn’t true for PADI Scuba Diving or ocean Walking. There are various places to try scuba diving in Andaman. So don’t worry, just try the sport and discover various corals and alluring water life. This is one of the stylish effects to do in Andaman. 

Cost INR,800 onwards 

Duration 1 hour 

Banana Boat Lift – Feel The Thrill 

The Banana Ride

Riding a Banana Boat is another fun- filled, existing and thrilling thing to do in Andaman. At a time 6 people can ride the banana- shaped boats that are tied behind a motorboat to gain rush. It’s an impeccably safe exertion as long as you have your life jackets on and follow the instructions given. This is an extremely delightful exertion you must do in Andaman. 

 Cost INR 620 per person; inclusive of banana boat, life jacket, and educator 

 Also Try Kayaking, spurt skiing, and motorboat riding 

 Duration 1- 2 hours