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How to Draw Ariel

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The little mermaid is one of the most appreciated of all Disney movies. Fans from around the world fall in love with Mermaid Ariel’s history in love with a human on earth.

With so many fans of this charming and classic movie, it can be great to learn how to draw Ariel so that the film’s favorite scenes can be recreated.

If you also like this movie and this character, you want to read until the end of this guide.

This step -guide -step on how to draw Ariel will help you learn to portray this classic mermaid character.

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Drawing Ariel

How to Draw Ariel

Step 1:

In this first stage of our guide on how to draw Ariel, we will start with her head and her hair. Remember that she is underwater, so we will pull her hair flowing around our head.

First, start with a curved line to your nose and then use rounded shapes for your big eyes.

Then you can draw smiling lips from her. Her head rests in her hand, so use curved lines to her hand under the head.

Then you can draw the rest of his face. Once her face is over, let’s pull her hair.

For her hair to flow around her head, use curved and wavy lines, as they appear in the reference image. So we are ready for guide step 2, so let’s move on!

Step 2:

We will start drawing arms for her at this stage of her Ariel drawing. You pulled his hand under his head at the last step, so in this part, we pulled his hand through that hand.

It will double and extend to her shoulder that you can draw with a rounded line. Another arm of her will extend out on the left side and be folded.

This arm will end with a hand flowing on her hair to give a contemplative look.

Finally, end with a rounded shape with lines for the beginning of your fishtail.

Step 3:

There are many things that we will add to this stage of our guide on how to draw Ariel so that we will take it well and slowly.

The main appearance we will add is half his body. This half of her body will be doubled to the elbows your elbows to investigate.

You will see what we mean in the reference image, and this must be an easy part to draw! You can use more wavy lines to the end of your fish tale and there will also be some lines within this part.

Then you can draw the great flat stone in which it is sitting and also add a little star from the sea for more details.

This is all this for this part; Therefore, in the next steps, we can start working on certain substantive elements.

Step 4:

Now that you almost finished Ariel’s design, we can start working at the bottom of your Ariel drawing.

To combine well with the underwater appearance of this scene, we will draw large sprigs of algae behind her.

These will be designed with highly wavy lines to create the algae flowing behind them.

We will add some additional algae to the next step and you can add some of your details to the image!

Step 5:

This stage of our guide on how to draw Ariel will be fishing from the bottom of the image. You can do this by drawing another large algae tape flowing backward.

Once you add this, you will be ready for the last step! As we mentioned in the last step, it is also an excellent opportunity to add some additional details.

There are many ideas you could do to do this! One idea would be to draw more characters in the movie.

You can add that your friends bend the fish and Sebastian, the crab, or even your father King Triton!

These are just some ideas about how you can customize this drawing, but we will be interested in seeing what you can find. What do you think you would like to add to finish this Ariel drawing?

Step 6:

In the last part of your Ariel design, we’ll end up with amazing colors! In the reference image, we show the colors that Ariel has in the movies, so you can use it as an example if you want it to be consistent with their appearance.

These colors include bright red for your hair, green and blue vegetables for your fin and algae, then a little gray for the rock where it is sitting.

These are the colors we opted for, but you can also add or delete colors as you want as well. What colors and art media will you use to finish this?

Do this to pass your Ariel drawing to the next level

Have fun under the sea while we make your outline Ariel even more amazing!

This drawing of Ariel shows a small number of details in the background. You can make this image even more interesting, increasing the size of the lower area that surrounds it.

This can be as simple as adding wavy lines to create an underwater sensation in the image.

Or you may include more plants and other underwater features to make them more lush and complete.

The more than a background would you like to create around Ariel in this image?

Ariel has many animal friends who join her in her adventures. It would be great to add some of these characters to this image!

Two would be her friends from her Sebastian, the crab, and chased the fish. These are two of the animal characters you can add to the scene, but there are many others.

You can even create your new characters based on other types of ocean creatures.

The addition of your fish friends would be great, but there are also more human characters than you could add to your Ariel drawing. Although sirens are not technically human, there would be much to add here.

She also has many beautiful sisters who can be added to the scene.

Prince Eric’s love, Ariel’s love, would also be an excellent addition to the scene.

Small mermaid movies are full of many emblematic and beautiful songs and memorable lines. You can incorporate some into your outline of Ariel!

First of all, you can start by choosing your favorite music from movies. So you can select a line in the music you like.

You can write this line in a sophisticated source in the image, below, or above. This way you can turn this drawing into a beautiful siren poster that may even be suspended in your room.

Your Ariel drawing is complete!

You finished the six steps of this guide on how to draw Ariel! We hope this guide has made it fun and easy for you to finish this drawing of this classic character, even if it is very detailed.

Having a guide like this can help make you focus on the pleasure of drawing without frustration!

The excellent news about this guide is that there is much more on our site. Be sure to visit us for more fun and register often to never lose the guides we often download.