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How to curate your feed to build a consistent audience base on Instagram?

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If you want more views on Instagram, you need to take a look at your feed and make changes if necessary. Many brands and influencers over the years have found success on the platform by curating their feeds. What are its benefits? And how can you curate your feed to build a consistent viewer base on the platform? If you want to know the answers to these questions, you are in the right place. So sit back and read on as we give you all the vital information on how to curate your Instagram feed by buying followers or going organic.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtag Research

Need an Instagram expert to complete an in-depth assessment of your Instagram account and provide you with a plan of action? Have you ever visited an Instagram feed where you experienced a certain degree of consistency about certain elements such as?

  • Post style and mood
  • Color palette
  • Lighting outfits
  • The subject matter

Use of other people’s content

If you have, then you already have a general idea of ​​what a curated Instagram feed is. Quite simply, Instagram users curate their feeds to achieve consistency, which ensures that their feeds are aligned with their respective brand sensibilities and personalities. Usually, when an Instagram feed is curated, the person or group of people responsible for running the feed doesn’t deviate from it. Over time, this leads to consistency and followers begin to know what to expect from the stream.

What are the benefits of a curated Instagram feed?

Instagram feed curation is a time-consuming process and also requires a lot of effort. That’s why you should get IG followers Nigeria to save your time and energy.  But why do so many brands and influencers on the platform curate their feeds? Well, the answer is simple – curating your Instagram feed results in a variety of long-term benefits such as: Brands can learn more about their audience: For a brand active on Instagram, understanding what their target audience wants is crucial. 

Through content curation, brands can experiment with a wide variety of ideas, topics and themes to identify the content that truly captivates their respective audiences. Curated feeds look visually appealing: By nature, human beings are drawn to things that look good, and your Instagram feed is no different. When you curate your Instagram feed, you achieve consistency in your use of lighting and color palette. This helps make the stream look visually stunning, which will undoubtedly increase viewership.

More Niche Insights

One of the major challenges of curating Instagram feeds involves reading the latest trends and happenings, not only in the niche your brand operates in, but also in other niches related to your brand. However, it is important to remember that every challenge that comes your way is also an opportunity. Quite simply, when you have more knowledge about what is happening in your and other related niches, you can spot developing trends faster than competitors. 

Positions your brand as a thought leader: Content curation on Instagram feeds is highly dependent on using content from others. However, it’s not just about using other people’s content – ​​if you want to curate the content properly, you should also add your own opinions and thoughts. Ultimately, this will make it easier for your brand to connect and collaborate with other thought leaders from a variety of other niches. So now you know what Instagram curated feed is and what are its benefits.


 Now, it’s time to follow all the steps you can follow to create an impressive Instagram feed that is perfect for building a consistent viewer base. Find the right posting frequency: Posting frequently on Instagram can do wonders – this is common knowledge. But the word “often” means different things to different brands. For example, some brands may post 10 times a day, with each post delivering high-quality images and information to your audience.

 For others, twice a day works well Quite simply, when it comes to posting frequency, you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to other brands. The best way to achieve this is to prioritize quality over quantity. Even if you post once a day, it will be fine as long as you provide quality to your target audience.