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How Do You Choose The Right Curtains For Your Home?

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We would all like our homes to be a reflection of our personal style. With this in mind we spend hours researching styles, looking at moodboards, seeking inspiration on sites like Pinterest and even consulting with friends. We take the utmost care to select artifacts, curios, furniture and other home decor essentials that we think are just right for our space. The one thing we will oftentimes ignore however are curtains. Very often this important accessory is the last thing we’ll choose. At Nesterra, we’re passionate about curtains, drapes and upholstery, as we believe that it can really help build a space Featuring You! Without any further delay, here are a few handy hacks when it comes to selecting the right curtains for your space.

1. Understand The Difference Between Curtains And Drapes

Curtains and drapes are often terms that are used interchangeably. While they’re both a type of curtain; curtains are generally fabric panels that hang from curtain rods. They’re generally used to enhance the appearance of a room and help tie in the theme and overall ambience, this makes them perfect for living and dining spaces. Drapes on the other hand are made from thicker, sometimes opaque materials and are used to block out the sunlight and for privacy. This makes them perfect for bedrooms. 

2. A Material Crash Course. 

The material your curtain is made from plays a vital role in the overall look of the room. From sheers to lightweight cotton, from lightweight brocade and embroidery to medium weight brocades and velvet, your curtain material choices are clearly endless. Two critical factors play an important role in deciding the fabric. 

  • The overall aesthetic of the room, in terms of design of your other furnishings and upholstery or an overall theme 
  • The amount of natural light you desire in a given room

Pro-tip: Remember the natural fall of fabrics from an elevation is wildly different for each type of fabric, which makes a huge difference especially when the curtains are pleated and drawn back. This should factor heavily when choosing the design, material and pattern for your curtains. 

3. Colour, Texture, Sheers, Solids Or Prints: Take Your Pick

As stated earlier, curtains can make or break the vibe of your room. So choosing wisely between colours, textures, solids, sheers, prints, embroidery, silky sheen or muted tones is very important. That being said however it is wise to experiment. You can either match or contrast. For instance a room with lots of little pops of colour, ideally is well contrasted with a muted tone of curtains, or you can build a lovely matched decor of curtains in complementary colours. Sheers combined with heavier drapes can also add an air of mystique to a room. Bottomline: Have fun with it and create a space that is Uniquely You.

4. Using Trims To Seriously Embellish Your Curtains And Upholstery

Trims are an amazing way to add a whole new dimension of class and refinement to your curtains. Used either on the ends, or as curtain ties, trims offer the following advantages.

  • They are bespoke embellishments or add-ons that make your curtains & upholstery pop
  • They’re designed specifically for the edges or corners of your curtains and upholstery
  • They are a supremely convenient way to change the look of your curtains and indirectly the entire room

5. Curtains, Where Size And Length Actually Matters

When it comes to curtains, the length and size of them really plays a really big role in whether they’re a hit or a miss. While curtains that fall exactly to the floor have been in vogue for some time now, a more dramatic look could be achieved by letting the curtains puddle on the floor by leaving them a few inches longer. Ensuring that curtains for the windows end exactly at the sill is a classic option. You could also use full length curtains or drapes to create more drama in the room. 

Pro-tip: If you’re confused about the length of your curtains, use our handy fabric calculator, situated on the home page of our website. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Log into www.nesterra.com 
  • Select the product (in this case curtains) 
  • Enter the size. The exact length of the door / window in inches  x exact width of the door / window in inches
  • Select the type of desired pleat (pinch pleat, grommet or rod pocket pleat
  • Hit Next and get an easy estimate of the amount of fabric you will need to buy

In Conclusion:

Curtains are an amazing accessory that can really bring together the entire decor of the room, if used properly. Following the above guidelines & the fabric calculator should help you ace the curtain test. Until next time, stay chic and always look to create a homescape… Featuring You!