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Here are the different types of website product photography there are.

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In the modern business scenario that is dominated by eCommerce and other creative-based marketing mixes, product photography plays a major role. The catalogues that once dominated the marketing scenario, have been substituted by catchy and attractive website product photography which helps draw potential customers. Here, we will discuss some of the prominent product photography categories, and try to understand their roles in the modern commerce ecosystem. So, let’s start. 

Types of product photography

When we hear about this term, we often imagine a scenario wherein this is a solitary genre of photography, but that is not the case at all. This is an umbrella term that is used to denote a wide form of photographic artwork, some of which are as follows. 

  • Individual shots- One of the most forms of product photography, individual shots are separated photographs of individual items that are taken against a clear background. These types of shots are popular in website product photography, wherein these shots are used to convey a great deal of information about the product to prospective customers who would be visiting the website. Minimalistic and attractive, individual shots form the backbone of commercial photography, and white on white photography is commonly used here to define white objects in a detailed and lucrative manner. 
  • Group shots- Once we have understood the nitty-gritty of individual shots, moving on to group shots is the next logical thing to do. There are two aspects of this form of photography, wherein one is used to convey a collective image regarding the brand, and the other motive is of conveying information regarding the nature and contents of a kit or set. If you are someone who is looking to establish a sense of scale in the products, a group shot can come in handy as well, as one object would be lending a sense of scale and size to the other ones in that particular frame. 
  • Lifestyle shots- If you want your products to tell a story, and prove for themselves what they are capable of, then lifestyle shots are the one to go for. As influencer marketing is something that is on the rise, lifestyle shots are perfect to pitch the products to prospective clients subtly and attractively that would attend to their subconscious. 
  • Scaled shots- When it comes to scaling products effectively, scaled shots are a notch above group shots, and they are optimized for website photography usage as well. One of the main problems that potential customers face while purchasing products online is that they are often unable to gauge the actual size of the product that they see on their screens. A scaled shot is taken by placing the item in question next to a standard household commodity so that the customer gets a fair idea regarding the actual size of the product that they would be purchasing. 
  • Detailed shots- When comes to purchasing smaller and intricate items online, clients often look for details that would help them make learned purchase decisions. Items like scale models, jewellery, etc. are some of the items that sell best when their product photography exhibits a high level of detail and substance. These types of photographs call for extensive setups and a high degree of expertise. Lighting is something that should also be taken care of while taking detailed shots as they play a critical role in defining the item clearly. 
  • Packaging shots- In the modern eCommerce business, packaging plays a critical role as commodities often travel long distances, sometimes even across continents. This calls for good packaging standards so that the products do not get damaged in transit, thus customers often look for packaging photographs. A good package photograph helps build trust and encourages potential clients to order from the website in question. 

As you saw, these are some of the most common forms of product photographs that we come across daily. Now, you must be wondering where to get such a shoot done. Well, there are a large number of online agencies who can execute an awesome website product photography assignment for you. There are several advantages that one can gain from having these agencies do these shots, some of which are as follows. 

  • Being professionals in this field, they possess the best equipment there is to execute the shoots, and you would be getting the best possible results. 
  • They employ the best photographers there is someone who would be understanding your needs, and deliver superlative results that would help your business grow. 
  • Understanding the ongoing trends is extremely necessary to successfully do a commercial photography shoot. The agencies possess an intricate knowledge of the trends and practices prevalent in the market and would curate your content accordingly. 

Final take

Commercial photography styles like lifestyle photography and white on white photography are gaining prominence daily, and they have become an omnipresent part of the modern business scenario. It is advisable that you do your proper research, and pick an agency that suits your needs in the best possible manner.