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What is ear candling?

Ear candling, also called ear candling or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine procedure that claims to light one end of a hollow candle and the other end of the ear. Better general health and well-being is achieved by inserting it into the canal.

According to a few medical researchers, it’s far risky and useless. According to some studies, the claim that the practice removes earwax is not supported by any evidence. A manufacturer’s claim that ear candles originated with the Hopi tribe has also been disproved.

However, many people say that candles are a gentle and natural alternative to ear syringes. They say that the heat power from the candle relieves ache and discomfort in the ear.

How does an ear candle work?

It is said that if the body is under stress, the flow of energy is reduced until it is stopped or completely stopped. You may not be aware of it at first, but one of these days symptoms will appear in the bio that this energy is blocked in the scalp, or once excessive earwax builds up. If so, you may develop conditions such as stuffy sinuses or sinusitis, headaches, earaches, dizziness or vertigo, hearing loss, hoarseness or cough, allergies or upper respiratory tract infections. If they are not cleared, the flow of energy slows down and pain or discomfort usually begins.

Removing earwax is a really small part of earwax, in fact, rarely is earwax removed at all. Ear wax is essential for our health.

About bone problems and problems with the ear

If you’re suffering from sinus problems or even hay fever, many people wholeheartedly recommend putting aside any concerns you may have about ear candling and giving it a go. But allow’s take a deeper observe this difficulty.

A look at the connection

If you suffer from bad sinusitis, you are at a higher risk of eardrum problems. If your sinuses become congested (nasal sinusitis), infected, or inflamed, it’s very easy for your ears to experience a similar deterioration. Most people may not be aware of the connection between the cheekbones, nasal passages and ears through the auditory tube. It connects the sinuses to the inner ear and this connection facilitates the spread of infection from the sinuses to the ear. The thin, bent shape of the Eustachian tube is really inviting infection. If water accidentally enters the ear, this tube collects the water that cannot be removed and consequently invites the growth of bacteria leading to an ear infection. A sinus infection, on the other hand, is commonly known as hay fever or a cold, but generally, it is an infection in the sinus cavities. This type of infection usually starts with congestion and partial filling of the sinus cavities. How can you get rid of and avoid sinus ear problems? Some people recommend suppositories, but others say that by cleaning sinus cavities every morning and evening with a saline solution, you’re able to get rid of congestion and reduce swelling so your sinuses clear faster. Can work with

About sore throat and ear problems

Ear candling is said to relieve conditions affecting the ear, such as earaches, tinnitus, excessive earwax, and earwax. It is also said to benefit other conditions that affect the scalp such as colds, hay fever, headaches, sinus problems and snoring and is a very soothing remedy in its own right. However, physicians say there is no data to support this, so let’s look at the issue a little further.

Throat and ear

Ear candling is said to help open the ear canals and release pressure and infection. Let’s see how sore throat and ear are connected.

A sore throat or blocked ears is something that almost everyone has experienced at some point in their life. A sore throat is inflammation of the throat and is often painful. It is caused by viral or bacterial infections, fungal infections, or irritants such as pollution or chemicals.

The throat is a common place for an infection to spread when you are exposed to a virus or bacteria. If you come into contact with a lot of dust or a similar additional irritant, you may develop a sore throat.

Spiritual aspect

In North America we recognize from songs and stories that Native Americans also used ear candles. Not only were ear candles used for spiritual work and vision seeking, they also used them for healing purposes.

Ear candling clears the debris that accumulates on these nerve endings, thus clearing the way for subtle energy currents to flow through the body, mind, and emotions. Ear candling can enhance insight and balance and improve the body’s chakra energy centers.


Place a heating pad just below the affected ear, being careful not to overheat. The pad should be kept in place for half an hour only. Heat from the pad penetrates the inner part of the ear canal, causing the ear to clog. Rinsing with warm water, mixed with half a teaspoon of salt, can also be effective.

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