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Get rid of the habits that can make you depressed

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The exact cause of this disease is still unknown, but some bad habits can easily lead to depression or make the condition worse.

According to experts, daily living habits will also greatly affect the function of the brain, directly affecting people’s emotions. Here are bad habits that easily lead to depression that you should know.

1. Unhealthy eating habits

Daily diet not only affects physical health but also directly affects the functioning of the brain’s nervous system. Scientists have studied and said that, when the body is deficient in nutrients, especially omega 3, it will make the brain function less, more likely to cause depression.

In addition, when eating unhealthy, the body is not supplemented with enough substances, it also causes the activity of the nervous system to stagnate, causing fatigue, lack of energy, affecting health. life quality.

Therefore, to be able to prevent depression well, you should establish a scientific and healthy diet. It is best to pay attention to the addition of foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as green vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, fresh fruits, eggs, …

Besides, the use of alcoholic beverages also seriously affects the health of the brain. According to statistics, the risk of depression for people who regularly abuse alcohol, stimulants, and drugs will be higher than the average person.

On the other hand, some studies have shown that drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression. Therefore, you can use 1 to 2 cups of coffee per day but do not abuse this drink excessively.

2. Lazy to exercise

Inactivity is one of the bad habits that easily lead to depression that many people are often subjective. When the body is active, endorphins and brain chemicals are released, creating a feeling of happiness and joy. Besides, when you practice the habit of regular exercise, it will help create physical confidence, help quickly reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, and at the same time, when chemicals in the brain are boosted. It will help stabilize the whole body system.

To be able to prove this, some scientists in Australia conducted a study on 8,950 women aged between 50 and 55. After a while, it was found that subjects just sat for long periods, People who don’t exercise or are physically active are more likely to have psychological problems and have a higher risk of depression than people who are regularly physically active. Therefore, it can be understood that the habit of regular exercise is an effective method to improve and prevent psychological diseases, to help keep the mind healthy and stable.

To be able to practice good habits for yourself, you only need to spend about 30 minutes a day practicing simple sports such as walking, swimming, cycling, meditation, yoga, bridge. feathers,…And don’t forget to miss the deals, discount codes, coupons for exercise equipment like walmart promo codes 20% off to save more. It is best to choose a sport that is suitable for your physical fitness and age, avoiding over-activity that affects your health.

3. Not getting enough sleep

According to the advice of experts, each person needs to maintain sleep from 7 to 8 hours a day. Getting enough sleep will help the body have time to rest, carry out the sleep exchange process, support the brain to be more balanced, comfortable, and alert. On the contrary, people with poor sleep habits and sleep disorders will always be in a state of fatigue, lethargy, stress, irritability, and an increased risk of depression.

Therefore, to prevent and limit the possibility of contracting this dangerous disease, you need to maintain and practice the habit of getting enough sleep every day. The best advice is that you should focus on sleep at night, avoid napping too much, sleep before 23 hours every day. For those who often have difficulty falling asleep, sleep is not deep, so pay attention to choosing a comfortable, cool, and quiet sleeping space. Or you can create a more comfortable scent for your sleeping place to help your brain relax better. Besides, you can also apply natural methods, take advantage of discount codes, whole foods 275 coupon, or drink herbal tea on Findcouponhere.net to help sleep more stable.

4. Overworked

When trying to work, it will increase the burden and pressure, making it easy for people to fall into a state of stress, fatigue, and fear. These subjects usually spend most of their time on work and study, so they don’t have too many hours to rest and relax. According to information from the website Eblogfa, those who have a habit of working too hard or often have to perform a job that is too big will have a high risk of developing depression.

Therefore, to limit the risk of psychological problems, you should arrange your work and study in a reasonable way, do not put in too much work, take time to rest and relax. Experts recommend that you repeat yourself a weekly or daily schedule to allocate time most reasonably and scientifically.

5. Isolate yourself

A lot of people tend to want to find a space to stabilize their mood and balance their emotions when going through sad and disappointing events. However, if this situation occurs often and lasts continuously, it will make the subject more likely to fall into a state of depression. Therefore, isolating yourself is also a bad habit that easily leads to common depression.

Therefore, to be able to limit this problem, you should practice the habit of sharing and confiding even if you are facing any difficulties or obstacles. When we can talk about our problems, our feelings will help reduce burdens and pressures, reduce anxiety, and improve our mood.

Besides, spending a lot of time alone, not communicating with people around is also a cause of depression. To prevent this, you should develop and build relationships with friends, colleagues, and family members. Habits will help you avoid feeling lonely, having good relationships will also help promote brain metabolism, reduce stress, fatigue, and pressure from life.

6. Negative thinking

Constantly having negative thoughts increases the risk of depression. According to experts, people who always think about negative things and losses in life are more likely to experience psychological problems than positive people. Therefore, the best advice for us is to stop thinking about the hurts and failures in life and instead learn to look at the problem in the most optimistic way.

People who often have negative thoughts should communicate and talk to positive, optimistic people, this will help them learn to see problems more comfortably. Besides, you can also watch movies, read books with positive trends, participate in collective activities to have an objective view of the outside life.


The above article has helped you know bad habits that easily lead to depression. Hopefully, readers will know how to adjust their thoughts and way of life to have a very comfortable and happy spirit, best limit psychological problems, especially depression and anxiety.