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Friendship Peak Trek – The beginner’s guide

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The trek is among the most fashionable activities you can undertake today to get more in touch with nature and be away from the stress, anxiety, and stress of our modern life. This is why the detailed description of one of the stunning trekking routes in India i.e. The Friendship Peak Trek.


The trek is situated within the Pir Panjal ranges within the State of Himachal Pradesh. This trek is an idealized dream for many trekkers. It gives you the pleasure of taking in a view from The Pir Panjal ranges, as well as the snow-covered Dhauladhar and the other Himalayan ranges.

This hike takes you through the thick and dense forests of the stunning Solang valley. The vegetation of this region comprises Alpine meadows, trees orchards, and a network of streams that make the hike fascinating.

How do I get to Solang:

The hike to Friendship summit begins in Solang that can only be accessible via road. Manali as well as Kullu are two cities nearby that you can travel through to get to this point.

By Road

Manali is quite well connected to numerous cities and towns via an efficient and well-maintained network of roads. Numerous private and state buses are on the journey from different locations to Manali.

By Railways

The closest railway station closest to Manali The nearest railway station to Manali is Joginder Nagar railway station. Then, you can go to Manali by taxi from which you can catch an auto to get to Solang.

By Air

The closest Airport to Manali can be found at Kullu Manali airport which is situated approximately 50 kilometers from Manali. From there, you can rent an auto cab and then travel to Solang from Manali by bus.


When we compare it to the scale of difficulty, we can say it’s of moderate difficulty. The only thing required to trek is good health and the ability to endure altitude changes. This place is simple for professionals and physically strong individuals.

The best time to take the hike:

The ideal time to trek from Friendship peak is during May, June, August, and September, October. Avoid going on a trek during monsoon because there are many landslides during this period.

The trek’s itinerary:

The journey to Friendship peak takes about 7 days. Here is an agenda for the entire hike.

Arrive in Manali (DAY 1):

In Manali after a long journey. This morning, you are free to rest and take a tour of Manali.

Manali towards Dhundi (Trek to lady base camp for the lady) (DAY 2):

In the beginning, you’ll traverse through a few deodar and bushes however you’ll end up in a huge bugyal. This hike will let you take in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding mountains on the way. A few of the most important peaks to be seen from this location include the seven sisters, Hanuman Tibba, and other Pir Panjal Mountains. The female leg faces toward the Giant Hanuman Tubba.

Base Camp for the Lady Leg from Advanced Base Camp (DAY 3):

Breakfast will be served at the base camp for ladies. camp, and then proceed to an advanced base camp. The advanced base camp is located near the glaciers as well as the crevices as well as Glacier can be seen from the advanced base camp. This is a breathtaking view and you’ll be able to remember it throughout your life.

Friendship peak summit (DAY 4):

Today, you’ll need to begin the hike early in the morning to get to the mountain’s col before the time when the sun rises. Now the tough portion of the hike will begin. You will now be using ropes and snow axes for climbing up the glacier. The air is going to get thinner as altitudes increase, and this can be challenging for beginners. Today, you’ll need to climb the mountain before noon and return to the Advanced Base Camp.

General (DAY 5)

It’s an extra day in instances where you might not summit due to extreme conditions in the weather or acclimatization issues.

Base camp from Dhundi To Manali (DAY 6):

Today, you’ll trek at a steady speed to Dhundi and return to Manali.

So, your journey will be over.

The trek will surely offer you an experience you’ll not forget. The breathtaking views of the hike will be in front of your eyes. It will also relieve you when you can indulge in your everyday life. It is therefore advisable to go on this trek at least once.