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Erin Angle is the spouse of renowned actor Jon Bernthal

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In Pennsylvania, Erin Angle was born on February 14th, 1976. She is a nurse by trade, but that is no longer how most people remember her. Mark Angle is her father, while Cindy Abbondanza Angle is her mother.

She is well known for being Jon Bernthal’s wife. Her husband is quite prominent in the entertainment sector, having acted in a number of popular television and film roles such as;

  • The Walking Dead
  •  Baby Driver
  •  Ford v Ferrari
  •  The Wolf of Wall Street
  •  The Punisher and more

How wealthy is Erin Angle?

As of 2020, it’s estimated that Erin Angle’s net worth will exceed $2.5 million, and she will continue to make a comfortable life from her job. Given that Bernthal reportedly has a net worth of more than $8 million, she almost likely benefits from his success.

Erin and Jonathan were wed on September 25, 2010. Some reports claim that they were already dating before they decided to get married. She wanted a low-key wedding even though she married a famous person. In Potomac, Maryland, they had an intimate wedding. Betty Becker The officiant for the marriage was Jonathan’s instructor.

Earnings of Erin Angle

when Jonathan was questioned about the baby’s gender after Erin’s pregnancy was made public. He politely declined to comment and said he wouldn’t announce the gender unless Erin gave him the go-ahead. Billy was born in January 2013, while Henry was born in August 2011. Adeline is the daughter of Erin and Jonathan who was born in February 2015.

Both Erin and Jon Bernthal are still happily married and have three children. Despite the fact that Erin typically stays away from the spotlight and other aspects of the film industry. She remains one of Jonathan’s biggest fans.

The wife of actor Jon Bernthal has consistently been a vocal supporter of her husband’s work. To allow Jonathan to focus on his profession, Erin decided to stay at home with her kids. According to the article, Erin and Jonathan had owned a Venice house that they later sold for $2 million.

A difficult time for Erin and Jon

Rumor has it that the early years of the relationship between Jon Bernthal and his wife were difficult. Jon went Erin to see Willie Nelson perform; he sneaked in and explained why in a letter on a lovely postcard to Nelson. that both his wife and are really kind-hearted people. That Always On My Mind is their favorite love song and that they are going through some tough times.

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Who is Jon Bernthal?

On September 20, 1976, Jon Bernthal was born in Washington, D.C. His parents, Joan Lurie and Eric Lawrence Bernthal, were Jews. Jon Lawrence’s grandfather was a musician, and his father, Eric Lawrence, was a partner at Latham & Watkins LLP Murray Bernthal.

Jon Bernthal has two brothers: Thomas Bernthal and Nicholas Bernthal, an orthopaedic physician (Cardiologist)

Jon grew up in Maryland and attended Sidwell Friends School there. On the advice of his instructor Alma Becker, he briefly attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, before leaving. Jon afterwards joined the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia. He worked as the catcher for a Russian baseball team during his tenure there.

He is most remembered for his roles as

  •  Brad in The Wolf of Wall Street
  •  Griff in Baby Driver
  •  Brax in The Accountant
  •  Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead
  •  Frank Castle on Netflix’s Daredevil action series

It’s nice for Jon that Frank Castle from the Netflix action series Daredevil Erin is very sympathetic of his demanding job and erratic schedule.

Childhood, Education, and Career of Erin

Erin was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and she knew early on that she wanted to work in medicine. She enrolled in Indiana University of Pennsylvania after graduating from high school. She went there to get her nursing degree. She started working as a trauma nurse at Georgetown University Medical Center in 1998, shortly after receiving her degree.

Later, she completed her studies by enrolling in the University of Southern California’s anesthesiology master’s programme. By specialising and expanding her skill set, she would experience a large increase in her salary.

Erin Angle Career

While obtaining her master’s degree, Erin also held a position on staff at South California Hospital. After becoming married to Bernthal, she eventually left her job in the trauma field. Erin spent her time helping her husband and, in the background, raising their children.

Bernthal made the switch to television after appearing in guest roles on over 30 productions

  • How I Met Your Mother
  •  Boston Legal
  •  CSI Miami

Jon Bernthal’s success in his career

You might think of Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle as the longest-living couple at the moment because of how content they are with their lives. In 2013, Jon started a string of incredibly lucrative film projects. He collaborated with Leonardo DiCaprio on Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street and with Brad Pitt on Fury, where he got praise from critics for his efforts as well as the rest of the ensemble.

He co-wrote and co-starred in the 2015 movie Sicario, which won numerous awards and added to his steadily expanding resume. In the same year, he was chosen to play a recurring role in the Netflix series Daredevil. portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics. A spin-off show bearing his character’s name was created as a result of his well-received performance.

Jon Bernthal

Despite their achievement. Marvel’s Netflix series eventually came to an end. After the show ended, he went back to acting in movies, showcasing his flexibility in both serious roles and independent projects.

He played corporate tycoon Lee Iacocca in the 2019 movie Ford v Ferrari, which detailed Ford’s entry into the racing industry in an effort to challenge Ferrari’s dominance.