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DIY vs. professional carpet cleaning Libertyville

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Are you starting that central spring cleaning of your house? You probably want to get your carpet cleaned too. However, carpet cleaning is a hefty task and requires too much man work. Vacuuming, rinsing, and drying take much time from your day-to-day life. 

Now that you are planning to get a Carpet Cleaning Libertyville, you may be stuck deciding if you should clean it yourself or hire professionals. We heard you! and we have come to make this choice easy for you. So, let’s see what DIY and professional carpet cleaning are and which is better for you.  

DIY Carpet Cleaning 

DIY (Do It Yourself) carpet cleaning means washing, scrubbing, and drying the material all by yourself at home. It may require more than one person to do the task. There are many benefits of DIY carpet cleaning, as explained below: 

Saves money 

Hiring a professional company to get your rug washed is quite expensive. They charge a lot of money which may be heavy on your wallet. If you are out of budget, self-cleaning your carpet is a good idea. However, it still requires cleaning machines and tools that will cost you some bucks.   

Easy to schedule

Like all other home cleanings, doing rug cleaning yourself is convenient in terms of scheduling. You can do it in your free time without compromising on your job. Whereas hiring professionals require booking them beforehand. This comes with the uncertainty that a task may come on the scheduled day. 


Self-carpet cleaning has many drawbacks too. The most critical of them is that you may not be able to clean it as adequately as the professionals. 

  • Inexperienced cleanup
  • Requires too much human effort 
  • Germs may still live with common detergents 
  • Takes much time
  • Natural drying can take days 
  • May develop mold or microbes if not cleaned and dried properly 

Professional carpet cleaning Libertyville

Calling the experts to wash up your mat means professional carpet cleaning. This involves hiring cleaning agency experts to wash your accessory. They offer deep cleanup from the tip to the end and deliver the following benefits: 

High-quality cleaning

The primary benefit of hiring carpet cleaning experts is their quality results. They clean the material as if it was never dirty. All the mud, germs, oil, and grease stains will be nowhere to be seen. Their use of high-power machines and professional chemicals ensures not a single spot is left on the fabric. 

In-depth procedure 

Carpet cleaning agencies usually follow an in-depth procedure to work on your fabric, ensuring complete cleanup. First, they vacuum your rug. After that, they treat greasy spots, apply the detergent and wash it thoroughly using high-pressure machines. The process ends with high suction pumps drying the fabric brushes within hours. 

Sanitization and disinfection

The chemicals used by professionals are of high value. They also use proven sanitizers and disinfection detergents that kill all the germs and mold deep inside the brush end. This prevents infections.  

Speed Drying

Another great benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaning Libertyville is that they dry your material within hours. They use high suction pumps that draw the excess water and moisture. This preserves time and also helps prevent mold and germs growth.  

Saves time and effort 

If you start cleaning a heavy carpet on your own, it will consume a lot of body energy and take a whole day. Plus, the simple vacuum or sun drying might take days. Compared to this, experts can do the job within hours, the drying will be much faster, and your body won’t be tired a bit.   


  • Can be expensive 
  • Requires scheduling beforehand 
  • Choosing the right agency is critical

What should you do? 

Now comes the big question, which one should you choose? Let me make it simple for you. If you can afford a professional cleaning company and wish to save your time and effort, you should definitely hire it. It will clean your carpet like no other. 

As for DIY cleaning, we only suggest it if you have to clean a small-sized rug/mat or if you are running so short on the budget that you can’t even hire an affordable carpet cleaning agency. Otherwise, hiring professionals is the premium way of getting your accessory cleaned.  

Choosing the right cleaning company 

Carpet cleaning is problematic and can be even more struggling if you do it yourself. Even though professionals charge high rates, hiring them is worth the quality. Their industry-level procedures provide deep clean up. However, people usually avoid them due to the high fee. In this case, you can hire an affordable company for carpet cleaning Libertyville, such as (Bills Cleaning & Flood Restoration ). This way, you can get quality cleaning at budget rates.