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Dignitaries expands its business opportunities in book printing

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Dignitaries expands its business opportunities in book printing thanks to the Xerox Biltmore inkjet

This digital printing center in the Basque Country has managed to become a benchmark in publishing production, offering flexibility with short runs and cost reduction compared to offset.

 Its clients range from self-publishing clients to Spain’s leading textbook publishers, who benefit from the customization offered by Xerox Baltoro.

Digitarte is headquartered

Madrid, April 5, 2022 – Digitarte is headquartered in Hernani has become a benchmark for editorial printing in the Basque Country, and has decided to consolidate its business with the acquisition. This inkjet press is the flagship of Xerox automation in production environments, providing the perfect balance of value, volume and speed, enabling you to meet your customers’ requirements with less ink, less paper waste and less effort. . In addition, this press can self-adjust in real time, thus minimizing possible deviations in quality.

Digitarte works as an advanced digital printing center, whose website greatly simplifies the process of working with clients, who get their quote in one day and can upload their work online. The company was born in 2003 and —after a transition in 2015— it has specialized in book publishing, printing up to 40 tons of paper for a single publisher. The business has been expanding from the small edition to the large format and they mainly work with textbooks for all the autonomous communities, which requires short runs in a minimum period of time.

The unstoppable rise in the price of raw materials such as paper has led centers like this one to take extreme calculations: “For this type of work, in which it is common to add new print runs, ink injection represents cost savings compared to offset. We provide the client with the flexibility of not printing 1,000 copies at once if they don’t want to and producing 700 first and another 300 later to adjust as much as possible to demand ”, reveals Bittor Hereza, Production Director at Digitarte .

Confidence in Xerox and commitment to Baltoro

 Digitarte has worked with Xerox since its inception and is a user, among other equipment, of the Xerox iGen high-volume range, a press they now use for high-quality color Printing Near Me. According to Bittor Hereza, they have dispensed with smaller teams due to the evolution of the business itself, which justifies the commitment to Xerox Baltoro. Its speed, coupled with the largest print area in its class, enables the press to increase customer productivity by more than 115%. With innovation at its core, Xerox Baltoro’s automated intelligence coupled with its High Fusion ink delivers true high definition image quality at 1200 x 1200 dpi without the need for media treated with primer solutions. This reduces the size of the press and energy consumption,

Betting this year on an ink injection press allows Digitarte to continue growing with its customers, offering excellent quality. “We now have the ability to generate more work volume and, at the same time, better control expenses in a time of global uncertainty”, adds Hereza. With a machine suitable for printing up to 300 double-sided A4 images per minute and 197 single-sided A4 images per minute, Digitarte is attracting new customers attracted by its competitive prices.

Digitarte to continue growing

The book prototype being worked on here is a 17×24 cm format. in matt coated with a grammage of 100 g. in the field of formal education. Likewise, the editions of manuals, courses and reading books also have a place in Digitarte, which accepts self-publishing works, thanks to the possibility of launching runs of 200 books as a starting point. “ We have more and more demand from freelance writers and also from small printers. The A5 format is too small for this type of book and it is a competitive advantage for us to be able to work on a large scale in 17×24”, says Bittor Hereza.

According to IDC, Xerox was the leader in the production segment in Spain in 2021, with a 33% market share by total billing. The trust of its customers is essential to continue occupying the first position in Spain.

“We are delighted with the step that Digitarte has taken with the acquisition of the Xerox Baltoro. After almost 20 years working together, they have shown constant evolution as a company focused on improving customer satisfaction. The inkjet market offers great possibilities that other technologies cannot and this is what Digitarte is experimenting with Xerox, taking advantage of new business opportunities in the promising segment of book printing. We are very pleased to continue being their partners”, says David Arcade, director of the Graphic Arts division of Xerox.

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