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Diarrhea: Causes, Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

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One of the main causes of mortality among the 0-5 years age group children is the devastating effect of diarrhea. According to UNICEF, diarrhea is the second most common cause for the children’s deaths among the 0-5 years of age group. Let us understand the major causes and cure of the disease. 

There are a number of factors responsible for the disease to spread and cause havoc. Experts all across the world have pointed out the following major causes of diarrhea.


  1. Lactose intolerance

People who lack an enzyme called lactase are not able to digest the dairy products, which are very high in lactose. This has become one of the common causes among the masses. It’s better to know this allergy from the initial period of your life. 

Common Cure & Prevention: A person should always consume  probiotic food items to improve the conditions of patients. Also, there are different kinds of over-the-counter medicines and syrups  available in the market, the most common are Darolac syrup, Yakut etc. 

  1. Viruses

There can be a number of viruses responsible for causing this disease. Norvac, Astro and Adeno are some of the most common viruses causing diarrhea. Coronavirus is also seen to be the cause of spread among the masses.

Common Cure & Prevention: Avoid making contact with persons showing the symptoms of any virus causing diseases. Try to wash your hands properly after coming home. Cure is immediately contacting your physician whenever you notice something inappropriate about your health. 

  1. Bacteria and Parasites

One can easily get infected through contaminated food and water. Most common bacteria responsible for the disease to spread is the traveler’s diarrhea and clostridioides difficile. This can occur with changing the climate and traveling to regions having unhygienic conditions. 

Common Cure & Prevention: Avoid making contact with unhygienic places. Also, avoid drinking and eating at unhygienic places. In the case of severity, your doctor is your friend, so contact him as soon as possible. 

  1. Fructose

Sometimes, there prevails a condition among the people that they are not able to digest the fructose, commonly present in sweet fruits. Fructose is also used as artificial sweetener in some of the products available in the market. 

Common Cure & Prevention: Be aware of your allergical problems so that you can decide on the product intake. Avoid taking such kinds of products that offer this substance in it. 

  1. Surgery

Patients who have undergone a surgery of removal of partial gall bladder or intestines do have the probability to suffer from this condition. Surgery is a very common phenomenon nowadays among women and senior citizens. Special care needs to be taken in this case and there should be no chance of negligence. 

Common Cure & Prevention: Follow the prescriptions given by your doctor and don’t miss a single dose of the course of medicine prescribed by your surgeon. Avoid taking oily and spicy food as well. 

  1. Medications

The other most common cause of diarrhea is the intake of antibiotics, which can disturb the natural balance between the good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics help kill the targeted bacteria, but they are also the reason for killing of bad bacteria. The other medications could be anti cancer drugs and antacids with magnesium in it. 

Common Cure & Prevention: Avoid taking antibiotics on a regular basis. Take the prescribed amount of antibiotics according to your doctor’s advice. 

Common Indications/Symptoms

  • Excessive thirst
  • Weakness
  • Fatigueness
  • Dark coloured urine
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness and irritation
  • Sunken appearance of the face, eyes and abdomen

Note: Your body can show single, double or multiple symptoms. Book an immediate appointment after you observe any of the symptoms on your body. 

Some more important points to note

  • Avoid going to unhygienic places, as much as possible.  
  • Avoid eating foods from outside, especially during the rainy season. Water is the most vulnerable cause  of diseases, so one should at least try to drink clean and hygienic water.
  • Avoid facing the condition of dehydration especially during the summer season. Human body becomes vulnerable to dehydration. 
  • Always check for the travel guidelines before going to any place.  
  • Consider a full body check up at least once in a year.