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ConvertKit Review In 2022

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In this article ConvertKit review, we have covered an in-depth analysis related to ConvertKit overview, features, and Pricing.

Convertkit Overview

Nathan Barry developed ConvertKit, a fully functional email service provider (ESP). It is one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies out there due to its features like automation and ease of use. Additionally, it provides editable landing pages and sign-up forms to aid in increasing the number of email subscribers.

With the help of the email marketing tool Convertkit, you may create an email list and communicate with your subscribers. I demonstrate how to send automatic email sequences to your entire list, send broadcast emails to your entire list, and turn your subscribers into customers in this ConvertKit review. And it’s all done automatically. Since I started using Convertkit in 2017, I have generated $50.000 in revenue. 

Key ConvertKit Features 


Convertkit is compatible with several well-known brands in the website market. You may ensure that customers get added to your email list when they make a purchase or fill out a contact form on your website. Here is a list of Convertkit’s integrated tools.


The tone of emails we send to subscribers can be altered. There are three choices. Convertkit is renowned for its straightforward layout. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has been shown to convert more effectively.


You can send automatic emails in a sequence using Convertkit Pro. This implies that you can choose to send someone who joins your email list a personalized email (welcoming them by their first name) after a few hours, days, or on a particular day of the week, and then send follow-up emails on autopilot based on your settings.

I can determine that everyone who joins up receives an automatic message on their chosen topic on the following Monday and every day for the next ten days.

ConvertKit Pricing & Plans

 There are two Pro options, and the cost is determined by how many list subscribers you have.

If you want to know more about pricing, check out our article ConvertKit pricing.

  1. Creator Plan
  2. Creator Pro Plan

Creator Plan

You get all the features necessary to automate and expand your email list with the creator plan. You can transmit automatic sequences, which is different from the free plan. That is a fantastic approach to automatically monetize your list while also benefiting your members. There can be no more than 1,000 subscribers for the $29 monthly fee. When you want to pay monthly rather than yearly, this sum is applied. Two months are free when you pay annually. You will be automatically charged the new cost as you get bigger.

Creator Pro Plan

Convertkit’s Creator Pro package gives you access to comprehensive reporting, the Referral System, Subscriber Scoring, and the ability to build personalized Facebook audiences. For those that use Facebook ads, there is The Creator Pro. In this review, all of these features will be covered.

Conclusion: ConvertKit review

ConvertKit, in my opinion, is a fantastic tool for using in order to create an email list, provide assistance to others automatically, and earn a tonne of money all at once. It is simple to use, you can get started for free, and when you choose the pro plan, there are many opportunities to recoup the cost of your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ConvertKit good for?

ConvertKit is simple to use, has a respectable amount of power, and has reasonably priced paid options. In addition, a free landing page plan is available. ConvertKit is made for one specific target market: internet artists

Is ConvertKit the best?

For content producers, ConvertKit is a fantastic email service provider. It provides a wealth of cutting-edge features that can be used to develop an online business. It’s simple to use, and the assistance is excellent as well.

Is MailerLite better than ConvertKit?

When it comes to cost, MailerLite is unquestionably the winner. It also has an edge over email template designs. With improved sequences, tags, triggers, and automation, ConvertKit emerges as the finest platform for bloggers and content creators. Perhaps its best qualities are simplicity and automation!

Does ConvertKit have email automation?

The automation feature from ConvertKit is simple to use. You can deliver timely, relevant material to the people in your audience with our visual email automation technology, allowing you to keep your attention on what’s most important: expanding your online business. Using our email automation tool, creators can: Construct effective, automated funnels.

Who is ConvertKit good for?

ConvertKit is user-friendly and reasonably effective, and its subscription plans are reasonably priced. In addition, they give a free landing page. ConvertKit is intended for only one type of audience: online artists And bloggers. Therefore, there are not many eCommerce-centric capabilities that you do not require.