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Char Dham Yatra Blog | Religious Tourism in Uttarakhand

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Char Dham is a renowned sacred place of worship located in Uttarakhand. It is frequented by thousands of pilgrims from around the world. Char Dham is a famous religious site in Uttarakhand. 

A lot of people go on this spiritual journey with the only goal. To get closer to God the God of heaven and to attain salvation.

It is believed that Hindus should take part in the Char Dham Yatra only once during their lifetime. To cleanse themselves of all mistakes and anticipate living a life of beauty with a fresh outlook. And with the experiences of the Yatra still in their hearts.

About the Destination

Char Dham is located in Uttarakhand within the Himalayan ranges. Char Dham is said to be frequented in a clockwise order. Beginning with Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and finally Badrinath. The four shrines remain closed for six months of the year. 

They usually open in May or April and close in November. It is believed that the ideal time to make this journey to be saved is from May to June. To avoid the monsoon, and enjoy a smooth journey.

And then the journey begins!

Begin your day with the delicious chole-bhature immediately from the beginning. Then, go on with your journey by heading towards Barkot. It is recommended to book your hotel ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about last-minute price hikes. We took about 7 hours, or about 200-225 km to get to our hotel. 

Be amazed at the splendor of this landscape on your way. The sensation of going on a pilgrimage isn’t going to come until you experience the holy wind. And how it brings peace to your soul. Stop by Kempty falls, but you shouldn’t go for the plunge since the rest of the ride is going to be wet and cold.

The Day wise itinerary:

The beginning of Day 1:

You’re likely to awake before 4 am eagerly anticipating what the day will bring you. So, you’ll start the beginning of your “Pahad Char Dham Yatra”. Starting from “Jhanki Chatti” where you’ll travel in an automobile. And then begin your trek to the very first shrine, which is “Yamunotri” the place where the Yamuna River. The hike is difficult because the steps are steep, and the panic mode kicks in however nothing occurs. All will go well and when you get to the destination. The natural beauty will amaze the visitor, leaving you feeling speechless. 

Day 2:

Once you have reached Yamunotri take an ice bath at the holy “Garam Kund” and then take part in worship in the Yamunotri temple in itself. Take note of the three idols inside the temple. A black one depicting the goddess Yamuna as well as the white one that represents the goddess Ganga and the one of Lord Hanuman. Then, go to Surya Kund. Surya Kund for your “prasadam”.

The Day 3:

After you have completed all the rituals, make your way back to Barkot. Returning isn’t all that exhausting. Upon getting to your hotel, rest all the fatigue.

Day 4 of the journey

The next day, depart early to “Uttarkashi” You will still be a little exhausted after the long journey. So, after resting your leg everything you can do when you check in to take a bite of food. And then later head straight to the renowned “Vishwanath Temple”. There offer a rite of worship to “Lord Shiva” after exploring the town for a while. And then return to your hotel to rest. Because, honestly, you’re likely to need to rest for a while.

Journey of Day 5:

The next day begins with you making your way toward”the “Gangotri” with the splendor that it offers is incomparable. The temple itself is sacred as you can imagine. The temple is home to worshippers of “Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh Lord Hanuman, and King Bhagirath”. 

The way that Gangotri is located and the Himalayan ranges is an amazing sight. You shouldn’t be missing. After spending time in Gangotri return to the hotel you stayed in Uttarkashi and fall asleep early.

Day 7 program:

The next day heads off for “Guptkashi” and then decides to stay the night in the city. Uttarkashi is also stunning. The trip will take approximately 12 hours, and you will immediately go to bed after getting to your hotel.

The 8 Day:

Get up early the next morning because it’s time to go to your third Dham which can be described as “Kedarnath”. You will likely be exhausted at the end of the day, but you will be able to end your day with the utmost integrity and enthrall Lord Shiva within your heart.

The plan of Day 9:

The following day, get up and take an excursion to “Gaurikund” which is where you can go on a journey to “Rudraprayag” which is also known as the”abode of gods. After you check into your hotel, you can wander around the town for a while.

And it’s difficult to describe in words what you will be awed by an unassuming town with an ancient and religious past and the best part is a natural beauty and the stunning panorama of rivers.

Final Day 10:

The next morning, you will be up and begin your trek to your fourth final Dham which is “Badrinath” In the first place, visit the temple to offer prayers and then swim in the “Tapt Kund”. 

Then continue to explore other locations and, to be honest, you’ll be exhausted after the whole journey. But you’ll feel proud that you made it through the entire journey. And managed to record the entire experience in your mind and keep it for the rest of your life.