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Buy Best 5 Burner Gas Hob in India Under a Low Budget

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Can you think of a kitchen that doesn’t have a gas stove? We can’t do it. The most important item you need in a kitchen is a gas stove. It is the most important thing you need to cook. If you look around, you’ll find that most kitchens have one freestanding gas stove and one built-in gas stove that can be used with a modular kitchen. 

The name for this kind of gas stove is “kitchen hob.” Almost every modern kitchen has a hob these days. Taking this into account, we chose some best 5 burner gas hob that you can get now at huge discounts at Bajaj Mall.

Top 5 Gas hobs in India

The best 5 burner gas hob are listed below:

1. Faber Hobtop Gas hob

The Faber Hobtop 5 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top is a fantastic addition to the best 5 burner gas hob category. Customers have praised it and declared it the superb quality, long-lasting hob top available. Faber’s hob top is made in India and features four burners set in a square range with one in the middle. The stove seems to be a dynamic kitchen item because of its stylish design.

With a heavy-duty tempered black edge glass look, it is beautifully framed. This lovely glass top will give an artistic touch to your kitchen table while being quite sturdy. Toughened glass that has been well-treated is easy to use, clean, and maintain. The sumptuous hob top also has cast iron pan supports, good-grade metallic knobs, a corded electric power supply, grand proportions, and high-class brass burners. In a nutshell, it’s a great fit.

2. Bosch Hob 5 Burner Gas Stove with Glass Top

An excellent 5-burner gas hob on bajaj mall has a healthy manufacturing touch and is long-lasting. When it comes to purchasing the finest, the Bosch Hob Glass Top 5 Burner Gas Stove is one of the alternatives. This cool-looking 5-burner stove is home to a well-organized and imperial finishing effort. 

The stove boasts exceptional stability with a strong glass body. Five metal burners, 4 in square range, one on the left border, function efficiently to provide a variety of culinary needs. Each burner is electromagnetically intended to produce calm flames of varying intensity. Dishwashing is made much easier with the help of cast-iron pan support.

3. Kaff Glass Appliances

In the list of best, the Kaff Glass Appliances 5 Burner Hob is one decent-looking amongst best 5 burner gas hob. Five SABAF burners are housed behind black tempered glass in this one-of-a-kind heating solution. Cooking will be as excellent as you want it to be with the triple-flame distribution. The Hob’s rich and luxurious finish and the manufacturer’s touch elevate it to the top of the list.

This perfect-looking glass hob is at the top of the spectrum of gas stoves. You can efficiently operate this gas burner with the corded electric power supply. The 8mm thick tempered glass used in the Hob is a sturdy element for your kitchen counter. Its diamond-cut tapering front and long-lasting cast iron grills enhance the product’s value.

4. Hindware Gas Stove

Hindware is a well-known Indian home appliance manufacturer. Hindware’s Diva Plus Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Stove is a moderate pick among India’s top 5 burner gas stoves. The stainless steel body of this efficient cooktop is strengthened by an 8mm extra toughened thermally treated glass top.

This gas burner is moderately priced and robust, making it ideal for all sorts of kitchen worktops or cooking techniques. 4 burners in the square and 1 in the middle of this cool rectangle-shaped Hob. The scratch-resistant matte surface of the SS spill tray is said to last for years. Forged brass burners work together to ensure that gas stoves may be used indefinitely. It is one of India’s best 5 burner gas hob, which we can purchase at Bajaj Mall.

5. Bosch Serie Gas Hob with 5 Burners

A durable five-burner gas stove is available from Bosch Serie, one of India’s top 5 burner gas stoves. This cooktop is a high-quality model with several valuable features. The Bosch Serie is a practical and reliable five-burner gas stove with one wok, one quick, two regular, and one economy burner. Overall, the product is a high-quality gas hob on bajaj mall with an outstanding manufacturing finish.


Whether you have a small or large family, you will always desire a stylish kitchen. Gas stoves are a kitchen necessity that should never be sacrificed for what is ideal. Gas stoves come in a variety of burner configurations. Even if you have a small household and don’t want to do a lot of cooking,

The chapter is won by 5 burner gas stoves, which have a snappy and elegant appearance. 5 burner gas stoves help you manage your time when cooking, improve your home upkeep, and give a great deal of ease. They are available in a variety of patterns and frame options. Buying one proper 5 burner gas stove is usually not dependent on the cooking you perform, but rather on the style of kitchen, you want.