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Best Hashtag Tracking Tools In 2022

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In the last few years, hashtag usage on social media has significantly increased. For certain campaigns, many brands develop their own custom hashtags, which makes it simpler to keep all of the relevant posts and conversations in one place. They are particularly crucial on Twitter and Instagram because they offer a simple way to bring similar content together.

Hashtag tracking tools make the task easier of fetching the hashtags. But as we understand that every brand and business is different, therefore selecting a suitable tool is of high importance. Keep on reading to find out your ideal hashtag tracking tool amidst a list of top hashtag tracking tools.

Top Hashtag Tracking Tools 


Hashtags are the center of our social media activities; everyone uses them, including brands, to boost user engagement.

The greatest Hashtag Wall application and social media aggregator is Taggbox, which gathers user-generated content by means of a hashtag. To encourage users to publish more posts on social media using that hashtag, you can showcase the curated material on a social media wall.

You can track your hashtag’s performance using Taggbox Analytics. For your hashtag, you may track and keep track of impressions, the total number of posts, public posts, and private posts.

The application also aids in keeping track of the most significant contributors, and at the same time, it allows you to instantly track the most engaged people that are utilizing that hashtag.


Brand24 is essentially a tool for tracking online mentions of your brand or item. It does, however, come with a potent hashtag tracking search function. This includes both hashtag analytics and hashtag tracking.

You can follow hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms thanks to hashtag tracking. Based on hashtags, you may monitor and evaluate competitions and campaigns. You can measure the social media reach and uncover top influencers with the aid of Brand 24.

The tool allows you to determine how many tweets or posts contain a particular hashtag. This enables you to evaluate the performance and popularity of a hashtag.

To determine your estimated social media reach, employ hashtag tracking. Using particular hashtags, Brand 24 enables you to find the most prominent social media profiles.


RiteTag, a component of RiteKit, is yet another fantastic hashtag analytics tool that enables you to keep track of hashtag performance. It’s a brilliant tool for tracking hashtags that are popular right now on Twitter and Instagram.

RiteTag offers a tonne of information, including Daily Averages, Popular Accounts Using a Hashtag, Estimated Hourly Statistics, and more. The program also recommends popular hashtags that are now trending in order to boost discoverability and visibility. It also indicates which hashtags gain traction over time and which ones are losing favor. It is a really comprehensive hashtag tracker.

A browser extension for the tool lets you know whether the hashtags you intend to use are trending, have some promise, or are completely useless.


YouScan.io is a brilliant social media analysis tool. In contrast to most competition, it also contains picture analysis.

YouScan claims to incorporate all the basic aspects of social media listening, which undoubtedly includes mentions of chosen hashtags but does not specifically mention hashtag monitoring on its website.

Utilizing the auto-categories in YourScan message streams is one method for locating the most crucial information. You can filter through a big stream of remarks using auto-categories to get the most relevant information. Using machine learning, YouScan automatically groups mentions into different categories. Captions are one auto-category that detects hashtags in Instagram captions.

Social Searcher

A free social media search engine is called Social Searcher. You can use it to track hashtag mentions in addition to users’ mentions.

You can keep an eye on all public social mentions on the web and in social networks thanks to its search engine. In one simple dashboard, it is simple to measure and keep track of what people are saying about your business, brand, product, service, or a particular hashtag.

You can use Social Searcher to investigate the most popular hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites that interest your potential clients. You can increase reach by including popular hashtags in your marketing approach.


Keyhole is a tool for social media analytics that allows users to keep tabs on hashtag metrics and performance on Twitter and Instagram. The tool offers a wealth of information, such as reach, the number of posts, users, impressions, and other things.

Keyhole also features account-level metrics and an optimization option that examines a certain account’s hashtag performance. It’s a useful method for determining whether engaging hashtags are appropriate. Additionally, the tool offers advice on how to enhance your post strategy and maximize post length and timeliness.

To increase engagement with your content, you may also seek trending hashtags.

The most relevant hashtags in Keyhole are displayed as a tag cloud, which is pretty convenient. It makes the overall picture very evident.

Wrapping Up!

A list of top hashtag tracking tools is presented to you. Have a look at all of these tools and select the one that you feel would be ideal for your business.