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Benefits of Auto Bottom Boxes With Display in Food Retail Business

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Are you running a retail food business? Do most of your budget go into packaging costs? Ditch the current material you are using, replacing it with auto bottom boxes with display. These cartons cost less and offer great value for money. But how? We will be discussing that side soon. Before that, let’s know what an auto bottom box is. 

Introduction to Personalized Auto Bottom Tray Packaging 

Auto bottom boxes are packaging cartons that do not require manual taping or gluing to seal the bottom. Instead, pre-glued tabs instantly fall into place and secure the bottom once you fold the box in its exact shape. This technique is also termed as auto lock. 

The best part is that you can customize these boxes per your brand as a proven marketing strategy. Food auto bottom tray boxes have several benefits in the retail business. Let’s briefly explore them. 

Advantages of Auto Bottom Boxes With Display 

Ease Of Use

Food auto bottom tray boxes are pretty simple to adjust in their actual position or refold. You can hire labor or use a mechanized process for the task; the easiness remains intact. 

Extra Secure

Auto lock cartons are more secure than other variants due to their exceptional gluing technology. You must add an extra layer of gum to achieve similar protection in other food packaging boxes. The process takes time and bound you to increase your budget for excess glue. 


Opting for personalized auto bottom tray packaging for your food-based business offers top-notch security of your product while adding value to your brand. You can conveniently print your logo on top of these boxes. Moreover, these boxes come in multiple fancy closures. You will get supreme design and product security simultaneously at reasonable prices. 


Auto lock bottom boxes are built from inexpensive material without compromising durability. Moreover, these cartons are shipped flat, taking lesser space. It plays an essential role in cutting down the transportation rates as well. Hence, these boxes are the most cost-effective packaging for your retail food business. 

Eco friendly 

Most auto bottom boxes with display is made from similar material as kraft pouches, which is 100% reusable. There is a significant prevalence of environmental consciousness amongst the current generation. They would prefer such packaging any day over the earth, harming plastic boxes. Your brand can stand unique with this step while contributing your part toward the planet’s sustainability. 

Below are a few more aspects that prove the superiority of auto bottom boxes over any other packaging material, especially for the food retail industry.

  • Solid interior 
  • Convenient product filling and assembling 
  • Ergonomic handling 
  • No detached sides for extra security 

Food Auto Bottom Tray Boxes FAQ 

Q: Which material is used in making personalized auto bottom tray packaging?

A: Most manufacturers use eco-friendly kraft material in building auto bottom boxes. However, they can also be made from corrugated or cardboard. 

Q: Can I pack fragile items in auto bottom boxes?

You can pack delicate things like automotive parts in auto bottom boxes with display. Its secured glued bottom lock ensures the proper safety of the product from its shipping to delivery. 

Final Thoughts

Food auto bottom tray boxes are an ideal edibles packaging choice for multiple reasons. You are getting sturdy cartons at highly economical rates; even the shipping rates are minimized. Whether their eco-friendliness or logo customization, you have a remarkable chance to create awareness of your brand. Switch to selling food, beverages, and any other item in auto bottom boxes for enhanced sales, durability, and product safety. 

Meta Description: Convenient, durable, and cost-effective – auto bottom boxes with display in food retail can help your business sell well.