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Ayurvedic Massages: All you need to know

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Body Pain and tiredness are two of the most common scenarios that people face after a long day. Your job profile may require you to commute a lot or your work involves a desk job. Whatever be it, you might have noticed that after a long day, you feel tired and your back, thighs, shoulders, arms, and necks, start aching a lot. All you need to do at this point of time is to perform a quick online search looking for a Full Body Massage near me, and that will save your day. Here, we will be taking a look at Ayurvedic Massages in detail, while also throwing light on how you can give yourself a relieving and rejuvenating Ayurvedic Massage. So, let’s start. 

Why is Massage an integral part of Ayurveda Treatments?

Are you plagued with tiredness and pain all over your body? Only a full body massage can help you get relief. When you avail of the services of a Full Body Massage near me, the experts perform it with medicated herbal oils that have numerous health benefits. Through the massage procedure, the herbal oil enters through the skin, reaches the tissues, and helps in pacing up the repair process. 

Ayurvedic Oils also have a wide plethora of health benefits. They are:

  • Ayurvedic Massage helps in relaxing the muscles, thereby relieving tension and stress. A head massage can help in relieving headaches. 
  • The blood circulation is enhanced in the region massaged. 
  • It helps in strengthening the skin making it healthier. 
  • If you massage regularly with herbal oils, you can get relief from muscular tightness. Ayurvedic Massages, which are an indispensable part of Ayurveda Treatments, calm the body, which helps in getting a good night’s sleep. 
  • Your body gets nourished while you perform a thorough ayurvedic massage and also has a renewing impact on it. 

This massage is frequently employed in a wide variety of Ayurveda treatments that are used during therapy. Panchakarma is one of the most prevalent Ayurveda treatments that consists of a series of massages. Here we have mentioned the different types of Ayurvedic Massages:

(1) Abhyanga Massages: This is the most common and widely used method of massage, wherein an expert of Ayurvedic Massage near me uses warm herbal oil to massage the entire body. The application of pressure in it while undertaking the treatment helps in boosting the body’s energy flow. 

(2) Powder Massage or Udvartana: A herbal powder is used in the massage which helps in the alleviation of toxins. 

(3) Kizhi or Potli Massage: In this type of massage, herbs are cooked in herbal powders or herbal oils and are tied in a muslin cloth, and massaged all over the body. 

Ayurvedic Thailam for Massage

Ayurvedic Thailam is made from natural and medicinal herbs and oils. Are you suffering from joint discomfort, skin and hair problems, or other health concerns? Ayurvedic Massage Therapy can provide you with extremely efficient Ayurveda treatments like none other. Regular use of thailam and practicing Abhyanga can offer long-term relief from various health concerns. Here is a list of Ayurvedic Massage Oils along with their respective benefits:

(1) Myaxyl Oil: This is an ayurvedic oil that contains powerful herbs that help in reducing inflammation and discomfort. They are considered good Ayurveda Treatments for knee pain, spasm, and sprains. Myaxyl Oil is made up of substances that are proven to help with pain and tight muscles and joints. 

(2) Ksheerabala Thailam: Ksheerabala Thailam is known to help relieve stress and also promote sleep. You should apply this Ayurvedic Oil on your palm and soles before going to bed. This will relieve stress and also promote restful sleep. 

(3) Dhanwantharam Thailam: This is the perfect massage oil for expectant and new mothers to help with wrought by its powerful blend of herbs that strengthens the uterus and eases stress. But it would be wrong to say that only mothers are benefited from this oil. It is in fact a complete nourishing oil for both men and women. 

(4) Kottamchukkadi Thailam: This is the best option for those who are suffering from Tennis elbow or other painful inflammatory conditions due to repetitive wrist movements. 

(5) Murivenna Thailam: This is a classic quick pain relief Ayurvedic oil and is an indispensable part of your first aid box- this is particularly useful in injuries resulting from burns and wounds, athletic activities, cuts, and overstraining. This is one of the best Ayurveda Treatments for the sudden onset of pulled muscle and sprain, injuries involving pain and swelling, and inflammation. 

(6) Pinda Thailam: This is made with sesame oil and natural beeswax, which is then infused with soothing herbs like Manjistha or India Madder, Anantamul or Indian Sarsaparilla, and Sarja or White dammar. The name acknowledges not only the red-colored petals but also its deep relationship with blood, as a potent blood purifier in Ayurveda Treatments.