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Are Floral Printed Shirts Trendy For Men?

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Floral prints have been a part of the fashion industry for a long time. It is believed to have originated from Asia, where these prints were associated with silks and royal textures and sold at great prices. But over the years, it has traveled enough to be part of the trend. 

Floral is associated with women and their dresses for summer, but according to the trends, these floral prints are an excellent fit for men too. Although florals today can be considered groundbreaking or brave, or even bold as a choice by men, they are the best looks when paired well. 

All you need is a tinge of confidence and a great taste in fashion to understand which matches will be bad for the occasion. Once you have got that, there are no floral printed shirts for men that can stop you from looking your best self. 

Now the question is, is it still in style? Then the answer is always yes, only with a little idea of how to pair them. If you are confused about how, here are a few ways to pair them. 

Focus On Occasion– There are various ways to layer your printed shirts, and the best way to start is to understand the occasion you might need them for. There are various parties, such as engagement parties or corporate parties, that like the theme to be colorful and subtle at the same time. Here you can easily pair your half shirt printed with a nice suit, preferably with colors that can cut the print a little. 

Such as dark blue or grey. A minimal print shirt will be the best for this occasion. If you have a vacation and wish to experiment with prints, don’t restrict yourself to floral. You can also opt for geometric prints with straight pants and leather shoes to complete the look. 

Layer- You need not wear the shirt in itself; you can try to work around it as a layer or jacket with a white t-shirt inside. In this, printed half sleeve shirts can work miraculously. All you need to do is understand the occasion. 

If it is a summer outfit, you can pair them with jean shorts and sneakers to complete the look, and if you are traveling around, pair chinos with a neutral base or jeans such as light wash denim with the appropriate footwear will look good. 

Co-ord Sets– The latest trend is to pair it with a similar print for the bottom part. Co-ord sets are apparel made from the same cloth used for the upper body (shirt) and lower body (pants). A superb example of this is beachwear. 

Beachwear or clothes to wear on the cruise often show styles of co-ord sets where the pants are usually shorts and the prints are on a darker tone with the material being silk or mixed fabric that is light. 

The following example is street fashion. If you have read any fashion journals, you might have seen men who have daunted a beautiful printed half shirt with printed pants. Also known as blooms on blooms and accessorize it to fit the look with chains and rings. 

Final Thoughts– Although you might think purchasing a printed shirt for men is not your style, trying and experimenting has never harmed anyone; it can be half-shirt printed or full sleeves shirts for suits; the point is to explore options other than boring white shirts and denim.