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Annapurna Base Camp Trek: What are the reasons to do this?

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For trekkers who are moderately fit For moderately fit trekkers, it is recommended to take the Base Camp of Annapurna Trek beginning from a base in Pokhara is a great beginning multi-day hike. Without any guidance, The trek was completed by us at Base Camp of Annapurna trek in seven days, but we did use a station wagon for one short distance between the beginning and final to help speed things up. We didn’t do any preparation before the time and we hadn’t done an inter-trail. It was a bit difficult but achievable and worth the effort!

Information about this trek Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • Around 60km depending on the point you start from and the path you take.
  • Time:7 days
  • Moderate to difficult in difficulty. 
  • The maximum elevation is quite high, with some difficult terrain, but most of the time on good routes.

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What is the most ideal moment to travel to Base Camp of Annapurna?

In India, it is a common practice to have two trekking seasons. The first occurs in the latter half of October or November when it’s dry, and warm outside. This is the time of year that marks the start of spring, which runs from April to May. It is more prone to rain, however, it also is a time when flowers are blooming. The middle of April was the time we completed the Annapurna trek and we had pleasant weather, as well as occasional rain in the evenings.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Permits

Most of Nepal needs a TIM card and permits for trekking there. They are available at tourist sites within Pokhara and Nepal. If you are arriving in Pokhara you should be quick since it’s an easy distance from the bus station for travelers.

For those who are foreign citizens for foreign nationals, for foreign nationals, the TIMS Card is 2000 Bbc news. Also, the permit is 2260 NPR. Four passport pictures are required. The Pokhara center will begin taking and printing at no cost to the user. It will cost you 200 NPR for four photos If, as we did, you decide to have the others taken ahead of time (we did not know that this could be done at the central point). The whole process can take about 15 minutes. However, if the middle is busy, it could take longer. Before and following the journey What is the best place to stay during Pokhara

Pokhara is designed to accommodate tourists who are planning to travel before or after their journeys and it is brimming with places to hire equipment such as coffee shops, parlors, and comfortable lodging.

We loved the facilities at Pokhara Backpackers Hostel for a budget plan for backpackers since it offered spacious, comfortable accommodation, various options for storage of our luggage while we hiked as well as a wealth of useful details. Check out the price and availability here. Take a look at the beautiful Hotel Batika for your next stay, or a stylish alternative to rooms with private balconies and bathrooms attached. Find the price as well as availability.

For the return hike up to Base Camp of Annapurna do you need a permit?

Without the requirement to have a guide, as well as the assistance of a porter, we decided to do our Annapurna Base Camp trek, since we think that this was the best option. It’s cheaper to go it on your own There are signs in every neighborhood that indicate the distance to the next and there’s less chance of getting lost on the route. While traveling we ran into a variety of travelers which was a lot of fun to decide to stay in similar towns and go hiking together. Guided travelers had stricter requirements regarding the places they had to stay and how far they could travel. an excursion to hike. each day.

If you are considering hiring guides, ensure they are fluent in English and are aware of the degree of flexibility, objectives, as well as overall health and well-being. Whatever the size of the group the guide’s price was estimated at 25 dollars per day. Although there are lower-priced guides, however, this is ethically unwise. If you do decide to hire an expert, ensure that the guide is fluent in English and can comprehend your level of flexibility, ambitions, and health, but also health. No matter the size of the group the guide’s price was estimated at 25 dollars per day. Although there are lower-priced ones, however, this is morally incorrect.

Consider a porter

Porters face the same dilemma. We carried everything by ourselves after having left some of our belongings in our Pokhara accommodation (approx. 7kg). It made the trip slightly more difficult, but also satisfying. The trekkers are available at a cost of around 20 dollars per hour. They can transport the possessions of two people in case you feel you’re not capable of carrying the luggage of one. Even if you don’t have to carry it, this luggage doesn’t mean that you’re not able to carry it Instead, you should start giving others the things they require.