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Aesthetics Pro Reviews And Features

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Aesthetics Pro is a software that is a great help for any cosmetic practice. This program has several features that will help you manage your practice. These features include Client scheduling, powerful reporting tools, and an Accounting and billing component. It also has a marketing suite. Depending on the goals of your practice, you can use different features.

Client scheduling feature

Client scheduling is one of the features that make aesthetics pro stand out among the other software in the market. It helps patients book an appointment online at any time, no matter where they are and at what time. The software helps aesthetics professionals keep track of their clients and staff, and it has a variety of additional features to make running a clinic easier. It also features a client management suite and a CRM and marketing suite to manage client data and improve business processes. This software also integrates with e-records and is HIPAA compliant.

AestheticsPro is a Cloud-based medical spa management system that is designed to increase business performance and improve the overall experience for patients. Its features cover every aspect of medical spa management, including appointment scheduling, EMR, merchant services, and vital marketing solutions. It is HIPAA compliant and offers live chat and video support to help customers across the world. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up a schedule and handle appointments, as well as keep track of staff hours and manage client lists.

Powerful reporting tools

The Aesthetic Pro system is a powerful appointment scheduling and management system, with a number of unique features. For example, it manages your staff’s timesheets, payroll, and commissions. It also offers a robust staff calendar, which is useful for scheduling staff and appointments. It can also help you avoid scheduling errors.

Erecords, the online scheduling tool in Aesthetic Pro, keeps track of appointments by provider, room, and equipment. It also maps resources to services and automatically generates EHRs when new appointments are made. Another useful feature is its extensive database of electronic medical forms. In addition, it also offers access to patient photos. Finally, Erecords can be customized and integrated with mobile applications.

Aesthetic Pro has many scheduling features, which are useful for the average medspa, such as auto-adding appointments to the calendar. It also has the ability to confirm appointments with a click of a button. However, some features are limited or missing altogether. The lack of mobile device integration is another drawback, though. Other features are more advanced, such as integration with POS software and calendars. Overall, Aesthetic Pro is an excellent choice for medspa businesses.

Accounting and billing component

If you’re looking for a great software package for your aesthetic practice, consider Aesthetic Pro. This cloud-based software is easy to use, secure, and offers many unique features. Its marketing management system lets you track and send targeted emails to patients, while its accounting system helps you track and analyze revenue and profits. It also includes a staff calendar that makes it easy to schedule and manage employees.

Aesthetics Pro also includes a robust accounting and billing suite, which helps you track and reconcile daily transactions. This software is also capable of generating detailed reports and breakdown reports. It also allows you to track sales in real time. It also helps you track leads and marketing expenses. In addition, you can track and review your campaign results, which allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Marketing suite

The Aesthetics Pro Marketing Suite is an integrated marketing system that makes managing your aesthetic practice easier. With a variety of marketing tools, you can boost customer satisfaction and maintain customer retention. It also features an intuitive interface that makes creating campaigns easy. You can use it to track leads, track marketing expenditures, and even customize email campaigns. The software also offers excellent customer service.

This marketing suite is HIPAA-compliant and is cloud-based. It provides features such as marketing management, customer management, and medical records management. You can also use it to manage your finances. The Aesthetics Pro Marketing Suite also has an accounting module that tracks your revenue and profit. It also keeps track of your marketing campaigns, including how effectively they are working.

Another important benefit of Aesthetics Pro is its ability to manage payments securely. With the system, you can invoice clients without losing valuable client information. Moreover, it offers HIPPA compliance, which is very important for any medical spa.