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A Roadmap to a Successful Career after M.Com Programme

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People who are searching for a job after the completion of their M.Com degree from an M.Com college in Mumbai often wonder about a successful career path. Different universities in India offer a two-year Master of Commerce programme, which provides a greater perception of the theories of commerce. Among students, a common question is what to do after M.Com, and a plethora of career choices are available.

After having an M.Com degree, students may go for different professional fields like banking, insurance, and finance. But without having the required information about the different career choices after M.Com, it could be difficult to get a high-paying job. You need to choose the proper courses and know the job opportunities available after completing an M.Com degree from a college for M.Com Course in Mumbai to select the right one.

Many career options are available in the public and private sectors after M.Com. The well-structured course curriculum can equip the students with pertinent managerial skills in commerce and expertise in contemporary business practices. The course has core subjects like law, accounting, banking, finance, taxing, statistics, insurance, marketing, and international business operations.

Career Options to Pursue After M.Com

Here is a list of some of the courses you can pursue after completing your M.Com degree from a college in Mumbai for M.Com.

1. Join an MBA Programme

Students can go for the most popular course MBA and this is one of the top courses after completing an M.Com degree from an M.Com college in Mumbai. Candidates who would like to meet the requirements for managerial positions and move ahead with their careers prefer an MBA degree. When you study M.Com, you are taught about business, accountancy, economics, and stock markets, along with other things. But while pursuing higher studies in business administration, you are also taught how to use your technical expertise to solve problems and help organizations develop. 

2. Be a Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is considered one of the best career options after M.Com. But it requires dedicated preparation. The CA certificate includes three stages of study – foundation, intermediate, and finals – and you require to complete 2.5 years of article-ship to practice professionally. Besides, it also enables students to be proficient in finance, analysis, and problem-solving, among others.

3. Pursue an ACCA course

You can also pursue the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA) course provided by the global professional accounting body, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) if you would like to work in accounting and finance. ACCA guarantees tremendous job options after completing an M.Com degree and it is one of the most favoured courses after M.Com.

4. Pursue Company Secretaryship

A company secretary has a significant role in any business organization. They take care of the legal compliance and regulatory requirements of the public and private sector companies. Moreover, being a company secretary is one of the most satisfying career choices after M.Com. They play a critical role in the progress, productivity, and profitability of the company. Thus, you may consider becoming a company secretary after M.Com if you are a team player and a strategic planner.

5. Earn the CMA credential

The professional course Certified Management Accountant (CMA) requires candidates to complete two stages of examination, gaining work experience for two years. The IMA, an association based in the USA, offers this prestigious credential and it enjoys global recognition for which this is one of the top courses after M.Com.


The above is a list of some impressive career choices after M.Com. You can decide your interest based on the career option that you wish to choose after your graduation. Candidates who are unsure what to do after M.Com should make sure of the amount of time, the level of difficulty, and the price of the course before choosing which course to go for after M.Com.