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A Detailed Ride Into The Smartphone Games Categories

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What was your favourite smartphone game genre growing up? Were you engrossed in the thrill of Subway Surfer speed, enjoyed the best GBA games of all time or liked to engross your minds in the quizzical world of Sudoku? Whatever the category was, we have to agree that these smartphone games made our childhood more enjoyable.

In this article, we will tell you 14 different categories of smartphone games (alphabetically).  So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Action games

Action games can get your heart pumping; the way it twists your reflexes & guts and you are forced to lay all your attention on the screen. You can never get enough of action games if they have the graphics and controls that will make you feel like you are present inside the game.


  • Call of duty: mobile
  • Dead cells

Adventure games

If you can’t go on an adventurous trip, these adventure mobile games will do just that without costing you a single penny. They don’t have specific mechanics and take the users to some insanely difficult adventures that gets your adrenaline level alive.


  • Crashlands
  • Pokemon go

Arcade games

Arcade games are famous for their addictive gameplay and the challenges they offer. They have simple-short game times and consistent challenges that keep you on your toes. Remember the effect angry birds had all around the globe?


  • Angry birds
  • Fruit ninja

Battle Royale

Who survived the infamous PUBG effects? Every household has at least that one Pubg player who was so into this battle royale games that he cared for no food or water, just the thrill and addiction of being on the battleground


  • Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG)
  • Fortnight

Casual games

A casual game is designed for the convenience of every and anyone. It has simple rules with shorter sessions and a lower barrier to entry. They include video games that don’t require a major time investment to play, win and enjoy.


  • Alto’s odyssey
  • Mini metro

Card games

The best card games demand tactical play along with the adrenaline rush of arbitrary loot and deck building. They always manage to surprise the audience with their innovative ideas. Have you ever imagined the popularity Slay The Spire managed to receive? 


  • Reigns: games of thrones
  • Shards of infinity


Role-playing games (RPGs) are video games where gamers interact with the game world as a character who has backstories and pre-existing motivations. These game types typically include non-player characters, side quests and large story arcs. Zumanzi can be seen as the reference for role-playing games. 


  • Raid: shadow legends
  • Final fantasy VII

MOBA- Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

MOBAs have heaps of characters, spells, stats and attacks and can seem a little intimidating but are actually deceptively simple. Players here join in groups of four or five and the goal is to reach the enemies’ defence and destroy their base.


  • League of legends: wild rift
  • Vainglory

Puzzle Games

Everyone has tried a puzzle game at least once in their lives. If you have not played Tetris in your childhood or spent hours clearing Candy Crush levels, we doubt you played mobile games at all. These puzzle games involve your mind and can be really addictive.


  • Candy crush soda saga
  • Tetris (1985)

Racing Games

Racing games come in different categories; car racing, bike racing, or simply characters racing. Racing games are what gave each one of us, the thrill and adrenaline rush in our childhood. They give us the real-time experience of being present on the racing track.


  • Hill climb racer
  • Asphalt 9

Strategy Games

A strategy game is a place where players make uncoerced and autonomous decisions that are significant for the outcome of the game. These games typically require internal decision-making and very high natural awareness. 


  • Clash of clans
  • Ninja village

Sports Games

The video games that stimulate the practice of sports are sports games. These games are very similar to real sports environments and contest rules that give you similar physical and mental feelings. 


  • Billiard city
  • World soccer league

Trivia Games

Trivia games are a category in which the competitors are asked questions about interesting but unimportant facts in different subjects. You will earn a point on answering the question correctly.


  • Logo trivia
  • HQ trivia

Word Games

Word games are video games which are designed to test the language ability of the users. They are naturally a source of entertainment but can also be used for educational purposes. Players have to compete in forming and thinking words according to a given set of rules.


  • Spelltower
  • New York Times crossword puzzle

We discussed 14 different categories of smartphone games in this article. Tell us below in the comment section, what is your favourite category and favourite game.