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8 Leading Business Magazines To Follow The Trends

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Are you an amateur in the business world? Do you also struggle to keep a hold of its ever-changing trends? If YES then worry not, we have assembled a list of top business magazines that will keep you covered.

Business Magazines will be your perfect companion to understand the needs of this fast evolving world. The legitimate editions of best business magazines help to stick to the trends by their emphasises on different industries; Finance, law, Tax, Accountancy, Technology, BPM and BPO, People, Property, etc for their readership. 

The top 8 business magazines in India are mentioned below:


As a leading Business magazine, TradeFlock aids entrepreneurs and businesses thrive by getting the latest industry insights, top leader’ interviews, case studies, and expert tips to set your business growing and thriving. It is comparatively a new business magazine but does not lag behind in any criteria. 

The magazine has been reportedly helping the raw entrepreneurs and business holders by providing information about the business, economy and society.


When we ask to name top business magazines, we talk about Forbes. This is an American Business Magazine, published twice a week and features articles on finance, investing, industry and marketing topics. Forbes India, a part of the franchise targets various industries featuring everyone, ranging from start-ups to corporate giants.

It has been evidently adding to the industry’s views through its subject topic catering to all the industries.  

The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine or TCM, founded in 1976, is a name that has showcased more than 3000 CEOs in recent years. It helps stay relevant by representing business leaders who are doing things differently and innovating across different sectors and industries. It also brings interviews of world’s leading businessmen and politicians. 

The CEO Magazine is a monthly business magazine in India that has been catering to the needs of its readers and providing information on areas of luxury, travel, health, technology and business reviews. 

Business India

Business India was founded by the brothers Ashok Hotchand Advani, Hirro Advani, and Rajkumar Advani in 1978. It has left its impression in the industry by becoming a business centric magazine. Initially published in English, now it is available in other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu respectively and has become a top business magazine of India.


The famous American business magazine, Entrepreneur has become a leading name in the industry. As the name suggests, Entrepreneur showcases the news and stories about entrepreneurship and business since its first publication in 1977. 

Entrepreneur Business Magazine’s current owner is Peter Shea and its editor-in-chief is Jason Feifer. Entrepreneur identifies trends and opportunities for its reader base that are just starting to take off, so they get the first hand example of the industry. 


Like Forbes and Entrepreneur, Fortune is also an American published business magazine which has become a leading name in the business industry. It is published by Fortune Media Group Holdings and owned by a Thai businessman since 1929. Fortune India offers mainly business news and strategy and has become a leading source for finance and corporate insight.

Business Today

Another addition to the top business magazine list is, Business today. It has been ruling the industry for decades with its business centric articles and most relevant information. Since its commencement in 1992, Business Today has become the largest circulated business magazine.

Outlook Business Magazine

Like Outlook says, ‘Think beyond and stay ahead’, Outlook Business features new business ideas and strategies that keep you upgraded and further from your companions. It is published weekly in English and Hindi languages and has vast followers. 

Outlook Business Magazine has been attending boundless business scope, and has become the multi-national award receiver that has inspired various data destinations over the globe.

Ending Note

It might get intimidating to keep a track of all the trends of the business world be it Tax, Law , Finance or Technology. Don’t let it intimidate you and try to observe and learn  one thing at a time, and follow these top business magazines to get a better insight of the business world.