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7 Trending T-shirt Designs Of 2022 And How To Create Them

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We’ve spent a lot of time researching the year’s top t-shirt concepts, and we can’t wait to share our findings with you. These shirt layouts are so inventive; they combine vivid color palettes with original illustrations and clever typography.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 most prominent t-shirt design trends for 2022, so you can easily implement them into your next custom order.

Decorations for Books

For reasons we may never fully understand, books serve as a unifying force in our society. As a design trend gaining traction in independent bookstores across the country, it has been there for them through the ups and downs. Campaigns centered on books are being launched by readers all over the world, whether to benefit a local bookstore or to unite those who share a passion for reading.

T-shirts with book cover art are all the rage right now.

Learn the style: Whether books are the focus of your design or you incorporate them into the layout, they can provide fantastic background for your tee. You can also use this method to add text to your fav shirt like the Gildan G800, in a very tasteful way.

Classical Tattoo Art

In this day and age, a t-shirt is just as acceptable as a tattoo, so there’s no reason to commit to the former unless you really want to. Bold lines and vivid colors make up traditional tattoos, which can also incorporate any design elements that inspire you. This classic and lovely design will undoubtedly attract the attention of those in your neighborhood.

The designs of classic tattoos are currently popular on t-shirts.

Learn the style: Take your pick of fabulous floral and faunal prints to add to your wardrobe. Finally, it’s time for you (or a friend who is an artist) to add some flair. A traditional tattoo will have bold, clean lines and a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, and black.

Powerful Patterns

The message on your tee should always be clear and concise. Sometimes all you need on your merch is a shirt with a simple slogan or catchphrase. All in all, this strategy works best if your clothing promotes a charity, cause, or social movement.

T-shirts with bold, declarative designs are all the rage right now.

Learn the style: Basically, the best way to share your ideas with others and the world is to find the words that best express your thoughts. Choose a simple shirt layout and keep the message clear using a large, legible font. Alternatively, go for a more playful look by incorporating bright colors and handwritten lettering.

Words with a Variety of Colors

Make the letters in your design stand out by using a rainbow of colors. The mood of the shirt will be determined by the color scheme you select for the letters. For instance, if you buy a Gildan G800 in pink, it will give off a feminine vibe. Either stick to a limited color scheme or go wild by giving each letter its own hue.

Recent t-shirt styles have featured bold, multicolored text.

Learn the style: To get started, make a textual layout for your design. When applying multiple colors, you may find that a bolder font is necessary for readability. The next step is to settle on a small group of colors that will serve as the basis for this layout. When choosing the colors for your design, keep in mind the overall feel of the piece, your brand, and the people who will be wearing the shirts.

Drawings Created by Hand

In general, shirts with designs sketched by hand have an extra layer of personality and significance. A great design trend that will never go out of style is the use of textured, pencil-like drawings. These t-shirt designs give you a lot of leeways to let your creativity run wild with their clean, detailed linework.

The use of hand-drawn artwork on t-shirts is currently popular.

Learn the style: Create a quick sketch of the item you want to make as a starting point. Keep adding details until you’re satisfied with your drawing. Do you wish to make it feel like a pencil? Make your lines thin and textured, and use dark grey or black ink.

Patterns for Doodling

More whimsy in your life and your wardrobe can never hurt! Thin lines, wavy lines, shapes of varying sizes and colors; nothing is off limits when it comes to doodling. If you’re looking to sell some swag, let your creative juices flow.

A blue hoodie with a white and black doodle design.

Learn the style: It’s okay if your design isn’t flawless. Modify the conventional ways of drawing shapes to create fresh and interesting compositions. Expert advice: sketch something without using erasers or undo it. 

Text on a Distinctive Background

Obviously, this would be something that would interest a lot of people. An eye-catching shirt design is a perfect medium for spreading your message. Go all out and take this design trend in any direction that speaks to you.

A hooded sweatshirt in jet black with a bright design and white text.

Learn the style: Initially to begin, select a range of colors to use in your design. Let your mind work it out in scribbles. Then, decide which of your favorite sayings or phrases you’d like to broadcast to your online network. Place this on top of your doodle masterpiece; the typeface you choose should help the words stand out.