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7 Principles of Good Promotional Video Brochure Design

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Having the right design is crucial in producing a successful Promotional Video Brochure design. Here we will be taking a look at the 7 most important principles of gear video brochure design. 

If we talk about the newest marketing trend, then a Promotional Video Brochure occupies the top position. So, it becomes quite crucial that you stand out above the crowd. But with newer mediums comes a higher degree of uncertainty. Have you ever thought how does a good video brochure actually look like? 

Read on to find out the most important principles of a Promotional Video Brochure design that will help you create the best brochure design possible. 

(1) Work to the Size: The first thing that you need to do is to decide on the size of the Promotional Video Brochure. The size of the screen cut-out, as well as the minimum amount of paper, is primarily determined by the screen size. Doing so will help you know the boundaries with which you are designing the frame and the cover. 

You also have the option of custom shapes with this type of Promotional Video Brochure. But if you opt for a predetermined size, then the total cost of creating a video brochure will be pretty less. 

(2) Decide on the design cover: A Promotional Video Brochure can either come in paperback or hardcover. If you opt for the hardcover books, then you will get the feel of a lush, thick bookshelf. If you are looking to add importance to your video brochure and gravitas, then they are an ideal choice for you. 

Although paperbacks are made from inexpensive and lighter materials, they are still durable. If you are looking to add an air of friendliness and informality to your Promotional Video Brochure, then paperbacks can be the best fit for you. 

(3) A Presentation Box is worth considering: Do you want to add a touch of style and real class to your Promotional Video Brochure? Then, you should definitely consider placing it in a presentation box. This will give your video the appearance of a gift, thereby adding a personal touch to it and making it ideal to be sent to clients. 

(4) Design a Video Business Card: Business cards have become monotonous. Also, it becomes quite a tedious task to jot down all the necessary information regarding the list of services offered by your business. Often you will see people losing them, throwing them away. They simply don’t care about a business card. 

But what if you can get something that will really WOW then? What if you could give them a business card that they cannot just lose sight of? A Promotional Video Brochure in the form of business cards can make this dream come true. 

(5) Think about the Video Brochure: When compared to a traditional brochure, a Promotional Video Brochure will naturally cost you more money. So, it stands, not without reason that if you are investing so much time in it, then why not invest an adequate amount of time for the video it contains? 

Keep in mind here that you should never leave a video as an afterthought. It is just as much a reflection of your brand as the casing housing it. We highly recommend you to hire a professional company that would help in the creation and editing of a Promotional Video Brochure, thereby ensuring that it has the maximum impact.

(6) Incorporate Controls into the design: When you are designing a Promotional Video Brochure, do not forget about the controls. They should be as inherent to the design as form and color. You can either keep it simple or go for the wide plethora of control options. 

(7) Utilize Quality Images: You should always use high-resolution, quality images on your Promotional Video Brochure. If the need arises, you can also call for a professional photographer to catalog and capture shots of all products from multiple angles.

Integrate into a Marketing Campaign

A Promotional Video Brochure is a real statement piece. So, why not integrate them into your overall marketing strategy? If you are looking for maximum effect, all you need to do is to contemporize the brochure design with that of your off and online branding. A Promotional Video Brochure features a great plethora of fantastic brochure options. Get in touch with a professional video brochure designing company that will assist you in everything starting from design to the final video production and manufacture. Also,ask them for a quote before you plunge in.